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Back in the summer of 2013, Facebook announced it had grossed over 1 million advertisers on its platform. Fast forward to today and Facebook is reporting over a 1.5 million advertiser growth in two years. That’s 2.5 million businesses using the platform to get their message out there!

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It’s important to note that in a two year span those 1.5 million advertisers didn’t just trickle in. It took nearly two years for that number to double, and Facebook was only able to claim 2 million users back in February. However, in 8 months, the marketing giant has increased by 500,000 which is a 33% increase in growth! There’s no doubt this is only going to increase as there are 45 million active business pages (growing as well) and digital marketing continues to lead the charge in cost effectiveness and targeting.

Why is this important:

Simply put, Facebook is gaining on Google as the leading advertiser in the world. Although, Google doesn’t release information on its current advertising numbers, sources estimate Google’s reach is well over 4 million users. With Facebook gaining on them and taking a share of the marketplace, we are sure to see the two compete by adding new features. And we all love new features.

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