DD Mau Website

Online Ordering, Restaurant, Website
About This Project

DD Mau’s business was beginning to blossom and consequently, her free square website just wasn’t going to cut it. It was great for collecting online orders, but failed to offer up much more than that. Having a flexible CMS is key for a restaurant’s success and this booming fast casual needed and update and quick.

BYK swooped in to give DD Mau a website that not only continued to generate those online orders, but had the potential to really push their brand. With the amazing artwork and branding already provided by the business and some delicious food photography provided by Crystal Rolfe, we were ready to build a website which would impress future guests while maintaining DD Mau’s already abundant online presence.


Square already provided a pretty slick interface for ordering. We just helped clean it up a bit with some pretty food photos and an easier to use product selection screen. Oh, and we were able to make the shop a subdomain of ddmaustl.com so users felt like they weren’t being whisked away to another website.