Interior Motives

INMO & Sexy Furniture

The Challenge



Entrepreneur Jay Perez and Designer David Deatherage approached BYK with a solid and sexy idea for elevated, refurbished mid-century and vintage furnishings. BYK was tasked with taking their vision and making it a reality. From creating the brand’s voice to developing the logo to creating their online presence and finally telling the story through captivating video, BYK was up to the task. Below we go through the steps we took to take Interior Motives from an idea to a full on thriving brand.

Sex Sells



Presented with a detailed dossier titled ‘Sexy Furniture’ and a few ideas for the brand’s direction, we went to work on carefully crafting a name for the business that would present their product in a provocative light. An agency’s best assets sometimes lie outside of their office walls. We decided that a collaborative approach to the name and taglines would be key to our success. So, BYK brought in an outside copywriter with a love for mid century furniture to assist in building the beginning phases of this business. After a few weeks of narrowing down a list of 50 unique names for the brand, we landed on Interior Motives. It was the perfect play of design meeting desire.


World, meet Interior Motives. Form follows seduction. Be seduced. Be provoked. Be inspired.

A Lust for Logos



Now that we have a name, the real work begins. Time to put a logo to the name. While our name is suggestive, the logo needed to speak more to the product itself. We needed something simple, classic and overtly mid century. It only took a few rounds but we found the perfect mix. Take a look at our progression below.






Web Presences that Kills



Killer design needs to be seen. That’s where BYK shines. We reached back out to our mid century marvel of a copywriter, a slick award-winning photographer and put together a website which would be hard for viewers to take their gaze off of whether it was engaging content or captivating visuals. Add our brand’s identity with matching, fonts, colors and elements and mix in the ever flexible and user friendly interface of WordPress and presto, you have one seductive site.



Device Frame

Telling Their Story



With the branding set, website up and running & social media branded, we were ready to put Interior Motives in motion…literally. We reached out to Brett Crow – an award-winning director of photography – to truly seduce their potential customers and tell the story of this labor of love. Enjoy.