Why Aren't My Instagram Posts Performing?

Why Aren't My Instagram Posts Performing?

Despite your best efforts, are your Instagram posts falling flat? Lacking engagement? Missing the mark?  Take our quiz today to find out where you're going wrong and what you can be doing better to help your Instagram page be the biggest possible asset for your business!

Email address:
What kinds of posts do you share regularly on your page?

Select all that apply

Do your posts have captions?

How long are your captions, on average?

How many followers do you have?

How many posts (besides your own) do you engage with each week?

The average number of posts you like, comment on, save, repost, etc. in a given week.

How often do you post?

Grid posts only (including Reels and IGTV).  Do not include stories in this count.

Do you regularly post stories?

Do you use any of the following in your posts?

Mark only the items that you use on a regular basis in your usual posts.

Do you repeat/reuse content for multiple posts?

Which types of content are a part of your regular posting rotation?

Select all that apply

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