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Social Media Management & Marketing

Every great marketing campaign begins and ends on social media. It’s how you tell your story, interact with your customers and reach your fans. Social media is revolutionary to the way we interact. It has become a platform for searching out new customers, as every like, comment and share allows us to discover their interests and behaviors. This is where social media management is crucial to your business strategy. Let’s unlock your brand’s potential and start finding your target demographic.


You’re looking at the king of social media. Facebook has more than 250 million active users in the United States alone and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s where people go to chat with friends, tag them in photos, interact with new people and brands, and share the content that connects with them. Because of the enormous activity on this social platform, your digital marketing strategy must rely on a heavy dose of eye-catching, thought-provoking, scroll-stopping ads. If you’re not reaching your target audience on Facebook, let us help you to put your ads in front of your desired demographic using our social media management solutions.



Google may not be the most prolific of Social Media tools. However, underestimating this powerful source will leave your business in the dust. Because no business can reasonably avoid using or being a part of Google, the giant has switched its strategy and started linking all of its tools to your Google Business page. Through your Google login, you can manage your local business listing through My Business, upload videos to your business YouTube account, post announcements, and manage CPC campaigns through Ad Words Express. Having the ability to post on Google opens up the doors to an audience that may not be as active on other social media platforms. No social media marketing campaign is complete without the power of Google. Get one step ahead and bring your search engine ranking to the top.



With nearly 112 million users in the United States alone, Instagram has changed the digital marketing game. What makes Instagram so valuable as a social media tool? It gives users a window into your business, providing them with the inside scoop on your day-to-day activities. With the recent addition of IGTV, your customers have the opportunity to be engaged and involved. Business owners can share visual information that crossposts to both Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is the ultimate tool for those with constantly rotating specials and product lines. Let us help your brand spread your message and connect you with a hotbed of influential users.



It’s breaking news and updates on your friends and favorite celebrities in only 280 characters. Twitter is one of the most useful tools when it comes to reaching out and creating relationships with new customers while simultaneously maintaining those you already have with your fans. If your brand is going to successfully use social media, Twitter is the perfect complement to Facebook and Instagram. It’s time to give your brand that personal one-on-one attention consumers desire and love.



It’s the ire of almost every business owner. Complaints range from concerns about paid reviews to worries about receiving negative ones if you don’t submit to high-pressure sales tactics. No matter your stance on Yelp, it’s the Yellow Pages of the new millennium. It’s how consumers research to find their next dining experience, retail adventure or place to board their pet. Consumers rely heavily on the opinion of their peers, and Yelp has become a top outlet for doing so. Monitoring these reviews, and possibly advertising your business, can result in big dividends as Yelp continues to grow, amassing more than 100 million unique users monthly. Responding to your reviews can help you to reach your community, to thank those who visit your business and to resolve customer complaints. Don’t let the Yelp stereotypes scare you. You owe it to your business to claim, monitor and respond to your customers’ needs. Take advantage of this broad audience. We’ll even assist with running ads on their platform if that’s your thing.


Not all platforms are built alike. We offer services you can mix and match to your business goals. Below you will find a wide range of options for the social media platforms listed above.


    • Interest-based social media tool with endless targeting possibilities
    • Page Optimization
    • Professional Branding
    • Daily Activity Monitoring
    • Creative Custom Campaigns
    • Ad Monitoring/Management


    • If they aren’t on Facebook we can usually reach them on Twitter
    • Account Optimization
    • Pull Marketing w/ Advanced Search
    • Professional Branding
    • Organic Growth
    • Creative Custom Campaigns
    • Ad Monitoring/Management


    • Claiming your business on Google is the first step in optimizing your SERP
    • Page Optimization
    • Professional Branding
    • AdWord Express Management
    • Complete YouTube Management
    • Review Monitoring


    • A content gold mine just waiting for us to dig it out
    • Account Optimization
    • Organic Growth
    • Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus Cross-posting
    • User-generated Content Compilation
    • Daily Monitoring

  • YELP

    • That negative review won’t fix itself, so let us help
    • Page Optimization
    • Review Monitoring
    • Ad Management
    • Specialized Location Photography
    • Slideshow/CTA Management