10 Tips To Make Your Facebook Ads Worth The Money

10 Tips To Make Your Facebook Ads Worth The Money

So you’re putting the money into it but you’re not really sure if you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You’re not alone – a lot of businesses feel that way. The world of facebook ads can be frightening especially when you don’t have the time to sit down and master the art of it.

If you are ready to start seeing a profit from your Facebook ads, keep on reading. It’s amazing how far a couple small changes can take your advertising game.

1. Write a strong copy

Let’s face it. We all like to be convinced when buying a product and that has to do with how the product is presented. If you go to the store for orange juice and you’re choosing from one brand that states it is “100% real juice” versus another brand that states “50% real juice,” you’re probably going to buy the first option. The wording convinced you. It’s the same thing with facebook ads. Convince your audience why they should purchase your product. What’s the benefit? The best offers sell without selling.

2. Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads are the perfect way to display eCommerce products or multiple angles of a single product or service. Use up to 10 images or videos that are easy to swipe or click through. The best part? Each slide can have a different CTA (call to action) to reel customers in!

3. Engagement Ads

Engagement is crucial to growing your business’s online presence. With this type of advertisement, the goal is to gain comments, shares, likes, event responses, etc. Ever wonder why the quick post you made only reached 50 of your 200 followers? Due to the Facebook algorithm, organic posts will only reach so much of your audience. Running an engagement ad will allow you to reach the people who already interact with your page as well as target new audiences as well. Don’t let the algorithm bring you down!

4. Video Ads

100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook a day. A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth way more than that. A Facebook video ad can be up to 240 minutes long. While we recommend keeping it short and sweet, pack that video with the perfect balance of information and entertainment for the best results.

5. Targeting

If you are just getting started with the Facebook advertising game, focus on manual audience targeting. Let’s break it down:

Behaviors – reach an audience based on their purchasing habits, device usage, etc.

Interests – reach an audience based on their interests, liked pages, and related topics.

Demographics – reach an audience based on location, language, gender, age, etc.

Focusing on creating audiences from these categories will help your sales funnel tremendously. Have an objective in mind while you build your target groups. Eventually, you’ll be able to remarket these and build lookalike audiences.

6. Lookalike Audiences

Now that you’re a master at manual targeting, you can take those audiences you built to reach even more people with similar characteristics. While the lookalike audience has yet to interact with your page, you already know they are like the audience that is already interacting with your page. Learn how to make a lookalike audience here.

7. Sizing & Spec Requirements

Nothing is worse than a poorly designed and sized advertisement. Your audience will scroll right past that. Take the time to properly size to ensure your ad displays correctly.

Image Ads
1,200 X 628 pixels

Video Ads
Format: .mov or .mp4
Ratio: 16:9.
Resolution: at least 720p
File size: 2.3 GB maximum
Thumbnail size: 1,200 x 675 pixels

Carousel Ads
1,080 x 1,080 pixels
Image/video ratio: 1:1

8. Track Sales

While keeping track of impressions is important, keep track of your sales! Afterall, that’s where the money is being made. Your ad might have a ton of clicks but if there’s no sales, what’s the point? Pay attention to what is and isn’t working with your advertisements and adjust to avoid losing money.

9. Add a Pixel

A Facebook Pixel is a JavaScript code that’s added to each page of a website. When a user visits a page or interacts with it, the pixel sends information about that activity to Facebook. That data collected allows you to track site visits, track conversion, build customized audiences, and more. This is a great way to keep track of your growth and increase effectiveness of your marketing tactics. Learn more about the Facebook Pixel here!

10. Place Your Ad In The Right Spot

Last but not least, place your advertisement in the right spot! It might seem self-explanatory but you’d be surprised how often this detail is overlooked.

You have 3 options:

Desktop News Feed – best for conversions and receiving engagement

Desktop Right Column – use this while remarketing or for brand awareness

Mobile – best for discovery and brand awareness

Depending on the type of campaign you are running, placement helps to reach the goal you have in mind. Be strategic to make the most out of your advertisement!

“Users will discover your product on their phones… then buy it the next day on their desktop.” – Adspresso

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