Added Benefits of a Strong Social Media Presence

Added Benefits of a Strong Social Media Presence

Maintaining a presence on social media has obvious benefits: exposure for your brand name, a way to find new customers, additional sales, and the like.  But that isn’t it.   Here are some more unexpected reasons that it’s important to stay active on social media, and the added benefits it can provide for your business.  

Show customers you’re active and open for business 

No matter what you’re posting, just the fact that you have recently posted, engaged, or otherwise been active on social media can show potential customers that you are open for business.  An inactive social media page can give the wrong impression.  When a social media user comes across a page that hasn’t been updated in months, it can leave them thinking that the information there is not accurate, or even that your business is closed completely.  Merely by posting status updates, regularly updating your business information, and spending even a few minutes per day engaging on your channels, you can leave the right impression on potential customers. 

Save time on customer support 

Incoming calls, messages, and emails from customers with questions about your business can take a lot of time to weed through.  Sometimes, those contacting you will really need the personal assistance of someone in your company.  However, often these messages are merely requests for simple information.  Consumers call to inquire about things like your hours of operation, what items you are currently selling, and if you have any specials or sales running.  

You can save your customer service department tons of time by using your social media channels to provide some of this information.  Posting the details of an upcoming sale once on social media may prevent 10 or more separate messages from coming in asking for information.  Making sure your business hours, links to your website, and location information are updated can prevent hundreds of unnecessary messages over time. 

Form business partnerships 

Social media can be a great way to connect not only with potential customers, but with potential business partners as well.  Searching on social channels can help you find other businesses in your area that you might want to work with.  You can come across local vendors to sell you supplies or businesses that produce complementary products to your own that you could work with on a collaboration.  There are many ways to network, but sometimes social media can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to make contact with a fellow brand. 

Improve customer relationships 

Social media can not only save you time in your customer relations, as mentioned above, but can also actually help grow and strengthen relationships with your customers.  With each additional social media channel on which you are active, you are providing an additional avenue through which potential customers can learn about you and contact you.  The more places you can be reached, and the more information you can make accessible to your audience, the more reachable your brand will feel, and the more positive perceptions of your customer service will be.  Instead of needing to scroll through pages on a website to find a phone number or email, customers can read about your business or send you a message on social media with one click of a button. 

Strengthen your branding 

Finally, social media is a great channel through which you can reinforce what your brand stands for, your values, your aesthetic, and who you are.  Most companies realize the branding on their social media accounts should match that of their other marketing materials, so that their accounts are recognizable.  However, social media can actually help beyond that, and actually strengthen your branding. 

It can be a challenge to get across the entirety of who you are as a brand on a single website.  The content on your site is likely not changing regularly, so you have a limited opportunity to share who you are.  On social media, however, with consistent posting and updating, you have nearly unlimited opportunities to express your brand’s values.  Through the visuals, copy, and other creative elements, you can offer your audience a more well-rounded and filled-out picture of your company and your offerings. 

Businesses all pretty much know at this point that a social media presence is an essential part of success.  There’s really no question within the industry that strong-performing social media accounts can be hugely beneficial.  We wanted to go beyond the reasons everyone already thinks of, and provide even more benefits that social media can provide for your business. 

If you have questions or are looking for help with your business’ social media management, you can learn more about our services, or contact us for a free consultation today. 

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