Catching Your Brand Up To Speed

Catching Your Brand Up To Speed

It can be all too easy to let your brand get outdated over time without even realizing it.  Suddenly, it’s been years and your branding is in pretty desperate need of a facelift to stay with the times.   

If you’ve gotten to this point, fear not!  Here are some ways you can refresh your brand and keep it up to date, without needing to completely rebrand or start from scratch. 

Refresh Your Colors 

One aspect of your branding you might not even realize is making it feel outdated is the coloring. Colors fall in and out of style regularly.  If your logo and branding are starting to look a little lackluster, try making small adjustments to the colors.  Something as simple as brightening it all up, toning the colors down, or phasing out a color that feels particularly dated can lead to a huge improvement!

Try A New Font 

Another visual aspect of your branding that can be relatively simple to update is the font.  An old or outdated font can actually be one of the most glaring things making your brand look outdated. Even a slight tweak can make a world of difference in modernizing your branding.  Generally speaking, clunkier fonts should be replaced with sleeker or simpler ones to catch your brand up to modern times.

Switch Up Your Slogan 

Your slogan is another important piece of the branding puzzle that makes a huge difference in helping your brand feel modern and relevant.  Popular lingo and slang changes relatively quickly through the years.  A slogan that was catchy and fun even 10 or 20 years ago can feel awkward and archaic now. Keep with the times by changing up the exact wording of your slogan or tagline, without altering the meaning too much.

Modernize Characters and Icons 

If your branding and logo include any sort of characters, icons, or images, that is probably something you’ll want to tweak to push your look towards the future as well.  That doesn’t mean you need to completely change or get rid of any of the characters or imagery your brand uses.  Merely a minor redesign of these visual elements can make a world of difference.  Below are a couple examples of brands whose characters and icons have evolved through the years to keep up with modern trends.



Update Physical Marketing Materials 

Finally, you’ll want to update any marketing materials to align with your new and improved branding.  Obviously update the logos and fonts to match your brand guidelines.  But you can also make other small design changes that will help modernize your materials.  Changing the color blocking, borders, and general layout can give your materials a sleeker, up-to-date feel.

As you can see, even a handful of small changes can help revive your outdated branding and breathe new life into it.

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