Client Transformation: Saigon Cafe

Our full-service hospitality marketing has helped many clients through the years increase their ROI and improve their digital marketing efforts. Here’s a detailed look at one of our restaurant clients, Saigon Cafe, located in the Central West End Neighborhood in St. Louis, MO. Saigon Cafe has been a wonderful client of ours for a few years now, and we’ve helped them grow and transform their business quite a bit in just a short time.

Business Overview 

Saigon Cafe is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has been bringing authentic Vietnamese cuisine to St. Louis since 2001.  Owner Michael Ly uses his years of culinary expertise to craft a menu of delicious, contemporary Vietnamese dishes. The restaurant brings together selfless service, modern design, and exuberant Saigon spirit. A few of their most popular menu items include Pho (Vietnamese soup with broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat), Bun (vermicelli noodle bowls), and Spring Rolls (both traditional and crispy).

How it Began 

We began working with Saigon Cafe in the summer of 2020.  At the time, they were named Little Saigon Cafe, and like many restaurants, were struggling to emerge from the early days of the pandemic and adjust to the new business landscape. They were looking for a local digital marketing agency that could increase their online presence, and drive both online and in-person orders.

Branding and Design

Our early work for Saigon Cafe centered around solidifying their positioning and their branding.  We started with a slight name change, dropping the “Little” to align better with their positioning as an elegant and authentic Vietnamese restaurant. Once Saigon Cafe as a name was solidified, we were able to get to work on all kinds of other projects.  A few of the immediate changes we helped Saigon Cafe make: 

  • Designed a new logo 
  • Created updated brand guidelines 
  • Designed and printed new menus 
  • Graphic design projects including new signage to increase the curb appeal of their restaurant

Continuing Work 

Once many of the initial branding and design projects were completed, we were able to turn our attention to Saigon Cafe’s digital marketing at large.  In the years since our partnership began, we have continuously optimized their online presence through social media content creation, paid digital advertising, reputation management, and more. A few of the highlights: 

  • When they lost access to their original Instagram account, we started a new account from scratch, and eclipsed the size of their old account within a year
  • Continuous design projects that strengthen brand awareness, including t-shirts, stickers, and various iterations of their menu 
  • Joined TikTok and began establishing a presence for Saigon Cafe there


Our paid and organic efforts for Saigon Cafe have certainly paid off!  Not only do fans have a clearer idea of the brand, their positioning, and what to expect when dining there but sales have also taken off!  In fact, sales have increased a whopping 27% in the last year! 

It’s a pleasure to work with restaurants like Saigon Cafe, helping increase their ROI on digital advertising, spreading the word about their brand, and ultimately helping their business thrive!

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