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Content We Love

Content We Love

Almost everyone in this digital era is a content creator. Whether you’re posting content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, or your own personal website, you’re publishing words or images that you hope will engage an audience in some way. One person may Tweet once a week about politics, while another person may Instagram multiple times a day about her new business. Chances are, the latter person is making more effort to create content that will encourage plenty of positive engagement.

And for our clients, positive engagement is what we’re striving for every day.

Content creation is probably the biggest part of our jobs, and we love helping our clients grow through our efforts to engage. There’s obviously a ton of content out there, but only a small portion of it truly shines. We wanted to share some of our own examples of content marketing, but also how other companies are succeeding in that area.

BYK Clients

We’ll start off with two of BYK’s beloved clients, and then review several other companies that are producing content we admire from a distance.

Hot Box Cookies

Who wouldn’t love to do content marketing for a cookie company? We’re the lucky suckers who get to create content for Hot Box Cookies, a St. Louis-based company that bakes and delivers a tempting variety of warm cookies.

We maintain a blog for Hot Box called Cookie Crumbles that allows us to keep fresh content on their website. (You can read this blog post about why blogs are great for SEO.) We creatively advertise their promotions and use our writing to call out specific products–such as their Valentine’s heart-shaped cookie cake!

One of the ways we stay engaged is by managing contests that give followers the opportunity to win product simply by commenting on our posts. If you had the chance to win a dozen cookies simply by tagging your BFF in a comment, wouldn’t you? We also create content by doing “drop-offs.” What’s a drop-off? We deliver free cookies to influential people or businesses in St. Louis, share about it on our social media, and ask them to share about it on their social media. Through this strategy, we are expanding the brand name, and making people happy!


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Clementine’s Creamery

A cookie company and an ice cream shop? Yes, we are some well-fed digital marketers. Clementine’s Creamery prides itself on being St. Louis’ only micro-creamery, and trust us, they scoop up some delicious ice cream.

As with Hot Box, we keep a blog for Clementine’s. We use the blog to update customers on new flavors in the shop, such as this Mister Rogers homage called 143. We also let people know about special occasions like Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.  Having an active blog keeps the SEO churning, and ensures we have superb content for E-blasts.

We post on Clementine’s social media nearly every day to keep an active presence and stay in the minds of potential customers. This means taking lots of photos of decadent ice cream, complete with props like roses, pancakes, and cabernet. This is definitely a client we enjoy getting creative for.

As you’ll read later on, creating hashtags can be great way to develop content. In the month of February, we’ve engaged followers with the contest titled #puckerforapint. Customers pose at one of Clementine’s locations, preferably kissing someone (or their ice cream), and then post the photo to instagram with the hashtag. It’s a fun way to encourage people to post about the shop and to build a sense of community…and the prize is free ice cream for the rest of 2019!

Another St. Louis-based Company


Launchcode is a company that offers training programs in technology–especially in computer coding. Their blog tells people’s Launchcode stories and provides friendly advice. They have an active twitter feed that announces important information about courses and exciting company activity. The feed is also frequently used to retweet Twitter users who enthusiastically post about their own Launchcode journeys.

National & International Companies


Coca-cola’s Twitter feed caught our eye because of the Warhol-inspired artwork that they are currently featuring on all platforms. The style is part of their current campaign, “Together is Beautiful,” which has its own hashtag. If you take a glance at their Instagram, you can clearly see the new theme. It comes together on their brand landing page, with an animated video in the style of their social media posts. As far as we can tell by a quick roll-through of the brand’s mere 126-post Instagram, this is the first time they’ve attempted such a cohesive, style-driven content campaign. We approve.

Bigelow Tea

Here’s another, albeit less gargantuan, beverage company that is doing an excellent job with content marketing. What caught our attention first was their blog. Their posts are interesting, informative, and most of them help to sell the product. We love this holiday post about unique recipes that utilize their tea, including cookies, cinnamon rolls, and lentil stew! If you love tea, you’ll love this blog. On their Twitter, they’ve coined the hashtag #Teaproudly for tea-lovers to rally around. Creating this hashtag was a smart way to generate content for their Twitter feed, as they regularly have engaging retweet material. Their Instagram account is also doing an excellent job content marketing. They’ve neatly created Story Highlights that showcase recipes, fan-generated stories, blog posts, and more.  It may just be a tea company, but their output is absolutely worth following.


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Evernote is an app for taking and organizing notes. While that may seem like a small thing, the company is doing big things in content marketing. Currently, they are engaging Instagram and Twitter users with the hashtag #EverBetterChallenge. It’s a campaign that encourages people to pride themselves in making any kind of progress over the course of 30 days. We love the graphics and animations they created for the challenge. We think that their social media feeds are not quite as active as they should be (the last Tweet was February 1st), but the content they do have is pretty great. They are developing a cohesive theme and style that is attractive, positive, and unique. And yes, they have a blog! In it, you can discover exactly what their Ever Better Challenge is all about, and also gain helpful tips.


We have to give a shout-out to Marriott Hotels and Resorts for their blog called Marriott on the Move. The Executive Chairman, Bill Marriott, is the author! Just check out the adorable, most recent Valentine’s post about the day he proposed to his wife. He also writes about company news, but in a warm, endearing manner. Although he only posts every so often, his writing is always thoughtful. We applaud him for giving a personal touch to such a huge company’s brand.

We kind of wish that Bill Marriott were also in charge of running the business’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. They’re respectable, but they don’t humanize the company as much as his blog. The marketers behind these accounts take advantage of the theme of travel and luxury, and engage with beautiful (although cookie cutter) images of grand destinations. Kind of a letdown after seeing the blog, but not a bad content strategy.

There you have it!

Thanks for reading our current take on content creation strategies that we practice and ones that we enjoy. If you want your content to shine, contact us today!

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