Digital Marketing and Its Many Benefits

Digital Marketing and Its Many Benefits

We’ve talked about different specific aspects of digital marketing and why they matter plenty of times on the blog before.  We’re looking at the big picture today though, to discuss how digital marketing as a whole can help your brand in more ways than you might imagine. 

Most companies are at least on board with the idea that having some sort of digital marketing presence is key for success.  However, if you still need a bit of convincing, or even if you are just curious about some of the extra benefits digital marketing can provide that you didn’t know about, this post is for you.  Here are just a few of the reasons to make use of digital marketing, and the ways it can benefit your brand and your business.


Marketing your brand through digital channels provides a great opportunity to strengthen your branding.  Channels like social media, your website, and review sites give you many different places to share your logo, slogan, messaging, and more. Just by having an online presence, you are helping to define and strengthen your branding.  All of these channels are great places to share your business’ values, your mission, and what sets you apart.  Both visually and through written content, you can solidify your brand’s position by spreading your message digitally.

Brand Recognition 

On a similar note, your brand can also help to not only solidify your branding, but also increase its recognition among a wider audience with digital marketing. Essentially, digital marketing methods can be some of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to “put yourself out there”, so to speak.  By maintaining a social presence, updating your website, and running ads, potential customers will become familiar with your name and start to recognize your brand over time.  Even if they’re not in the market for your offerings when they first come across you online, the recognition can help you in the future, when they are eventually ready to buy and your brand comes to their mind. It really can’t hurt to increase your brand’s exposure digitally.

Reaching New or Specific Audiences 

So far, we’ve talked about just reaching people in general, and how digital marketing can help with that.  Diving a little deeper, digital marketing can help you reach not just a larger audience, but the right audience for your brand.  

Digital channels provide much better methods for specific targeting than traditional marketing channels like television or magazine ads. For instance, say you are selling a new, high-end coffee maker.  You know your ideal audience includes young professionals, coffee drinkers, and adults in the middle class and above.  You could run a general ad on TV or in a magazine, getting in front of a large audience and just hoping that your campaign reaches the right eyes.  Or, you could run a digital ad that specifically targets people based on their income, age, profession, and interests. You’ll reach the right audience much quicker and easier with digital marketing.


Ultimately, this is the goal for every business.  You want to make sales. The other benefits of digital marketing are great, and can truly help your brand, but you also want to see some actual conversions.  Luckily, digital marketing is a great tool to use to make direct sales.  Across your digital channels, you can share direct links to purchase your offerings online.  It makes the process as easy for customers as possible, and helps knock down some of the barriers they could otherwise face. You can use your digital marketing tools to make purchases easy and appealing to all your potential customers. 

The Marketing Funnel 

The marketing funnel is a tool marketers use to describe consumers at the various stages of the process that leads them to making a purchase.  The funnel has 4 stages: awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion.  It describes the path a potential customer takes to making a purchase: They first must become aware of the brand or product, develop an interest, begin considering buying, and ultimately make a purchase. 

The marketing funnel kind of brings together many of the ideas discussed above, and packages them up with a neat little bow.  Ultimately, your marketing efforts need to be effectively and appropriately reaching consumers at every stage in the funnel.  And you can reach those at every single step of the funnel with digital marketing. Here’s how: 

Awareness: You can help increase awareness for your brand by running brand awareness campaigns, reaching out to potential customers on social media to tell them about your brand, and sharing pictures and videos that show the basic aspects of your offerings 

Interest: Once a consumer is aware of your brand, you want them to move to the interest stage.  You can use digital marketing methods like retargeting visitors to your site with more information about your brand to keep them moving through the funnel.  

Consideration: Next comes the point at which a consumer is seriously thinking about making a purchase. At this stage, your digital marketing efforts should be more informative and go a bit deeper than the earlier stages.  Tout the specific benefits of your offerings, compare them to your competitors, and show consumers why your offerings are worth buying. 

Conversion:  Finally, you reach the conversion stage.  At this point, you have laid the groundwork and now it is time to actually make the sale. Digital marketing efforts for this step in the funnel should include direct links through which customers can purchase.  You can run ads or share posts that offer limited-time deals, discounts, or other enticing incentives to convince people to make a purchase.

So you can see, whoever you’re trying to reach and whatever industry you are in, digital marketing can provide your brand with immense benefits.  From strengthening your brand to bringing in some sales, do not underestimate the power of digital marketing.

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