5 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

5 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Are you hoping to up your social media presence? Are you looking for a little visual inspiration? Are you tired of scrolling through a feed full of your friends’ foodstagrams? Are you just feeling bored? Here are five Instagram accounts you won’t want to miss.

1) @accidentallywesanderson

Adapted from a popular Reddit page, Accidentally Wes Anderson posts whimsical, pastel-colored scenes that look as though they’re fresh out of a sequel to the Royal Tenenbaums. Followers can submit Wes Andersonian views to [email protected].

1.) @littlemaisymoo

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. Maisy, a one-year-old Havanese from Boston, MA, boasts a supersized attitude and some serious modeling chops. Looking for a bonus account? Maisy’s sister account, @sadietheducktoller, belongs to the boyfriend of Maisy’s owner. You’ll get the warm fuzzies, big-time.

3.) @mattsurelee

Matt Shirley’s one-chart-a-day account will never fail to make you laugh. Subjects include “Life’s Biggest Lies,” “How to Plug In a USB,” and “Every Bank Line Ever,” and content is dangerously relatable.

4) @popculturediedin2009

Nostalgic for the ‘00’s? From Lindsay Lohan’s shoplifting scandal to Britney Spears’ breakdown, Pop Culture Died in 2009 reminds you of all the priceless tabloid articles you thought you’d never forget. The account even collaborated with Brooklyn’s THNK1994 museum on an exhibit inspired by Nicole Richie’s legendary 2004 barbecue, complete with celebrity paintings by @lauracollinsart.

5) @steph_angelis

Illustrator Stephanie Deangelis provides you with your daily dose of palm leaves and millennial pink. @mariandrew, @trippydana, @francescannon, @nickthomm and @pollynor will also satisfy your art craving.

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