Good Housekeeping For Your Brand

Good Housekeeping For Your Brand

While not one of the most glamorous parts of the job, basic housekeeping and upkeep tasks can make a big difference for your marketing efforts and your business as a whole.  The items below are not things you want to let fall to the wayside, as they could really hurt your business in the long run.  Make sure to make all these tasks a regular part of your routine if you want your brand’s marketing efforts to be as strong as possible.

Review Your Website for Errors and Ease of Use 

You should get into the routine of regularly checking your website. Websites are so incredibly important for companies nowadays.  Many consumers base their impressions and choices regarding a brand solely on that brand’s website. It is essential that all the information on your site is up-to-date, all links are working properly, and all graphics are displaying correctly. 

In an ideal world, any relevant changes to your company would immediately be updated on your website.  However, it can be easy to forget to make every single small change and adjustment.  Thus, regularly reviewing your site for both accuracy and ease of use can help you catch any errors or changes that were missed before. 

It’s even better if you are able to get different people to check your site at different times.  A fresh set of eyes can catch things you might not catch after looking at it for so long. The more employees, friends, and family you can enlist to check your site, the better.

Review Third-Party Sites for Accuracy 

Beyond their own website, most brands also have a digital presence on sites like Google and Yelp.  Any third-party sites your brand has a presence on should also be checked and updated regularly.  These are another place consumers often seek out information about a business, and rely on to be accurate.  

It’s important to check these sites often, even if nothing about your business has changed recently.  As with your own website, a regular review can help catch errors that were overlooked before.  Additionally, websites sometimes change their policies, layouts, or functions without much warning.  You’ll want to stay up-to-date on all the latest changes and new capabilities any third-party sites are offering that could be relevant to your business.

Reconcile Information Across Your Digital Presence 

Checking your social media, website, and review sites all separately can help you catch many errors and find updates to make.  In addition to this, you will also want to directly compare these sites to each other, to ensure all the information matches.  This is just another way you can ensure accuracy and avoid confusion for potential customers seeking you out online.  You would not want a potential new fan to decide not to shop with you because they’re seeing different hours in different places, and aren’t sure which ones are correct.  Regularly check in on all of the areas you know you have a presence online to avoid costly errors or miscommunication.

Update Your Website with Press and Blogs

Beyond just being accurate and easy to use, your website should provide additional value to your customers as well.  You don’t want your content to get stale.  Even if your offerings are not changing or your business has not evolved in a while, you can still produce new content on your website. 

Be sure to regularly add links to any press or media attention your brand has received, so potential customers can easily access this information.  You can also create original content, like blog posts, to keep your website fresh and updated.  Adding new resources, information, and content to your website on a regular basis will keep people coming back for more.

Find Lists to Be Added To 

Keeping the sites and assets you are in charge of up to date is key. Another way you can try to make waves for your brand is by finding lists, articles, and rankings to be added to.  For instance, local magazines and media often publish lists such as “The Best Patios in St. Louis” or “5 Cute Boutiques You Don’t Want to Miss in Dallas” for their readers. When you see relevant content your business could be included in, it is always worth reaching out to the media outlet to see about getting added, or potentially get yourself on the list for future content. 

Taking just a few minutes to scour local media for spaces you could be mentioned can help your brand immensely.  Often, these outlets are actively seeking content, so would be happy to have your business to write or post about.

With all of the relatively simple and routine tasks above, you can help your brand a great deal and make sure you are making the most of your digital assets. Keeping information up-to-date, providing new content to your followers regularly, and finding ways to engage with local media are just a few of the aspects of a good housekeeping routine for your brand. 

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