Hot Social Media Trends for the Cold Months

Hot Social Media Trends for the Cold Months

It’s cold outside, but keep your social media pages hot with these trends all winter long!  

1. Post more videos 

There’s basically no such thing as too much video content.  Time after time, we’ve seen that consumers respond more to videos than images, particularly on social media.  Any time you can make a post into a video (within reason), you should.  

This doesn’t mean you need to run out and hire a world-class videographer right now though.  Your video content can be as simple as a slideshow of images, sandwiched between an intro and outro.  Add a fun jingle in the background and you’re golden!  Even content as simple as that will help you rack up the views and increase customer engagement on your social channels. 

2. Ask engaging questions 

Another way to connect with your audience is to open up a dialogue, particularly by asking intriguing, open-ended questions for your followers to answer.  This will increase engagement on your page, but not only that.  It can also foster goodwill amongst your fan base, if you seem to genuinely want their feedback and care what they think.   

Brands have really come to realize the importance of taking customer feedback into account, and the ease with which they can usually gather this feedback through social media.  Your social channels are a perfect place to engage your customers in open, honest conversation about what their favorite offerings are, ideas they have, and what they would like to see next.

3. Give your posts a signature touch 

Really use the magic of photo editing to your advantage.  Most brands already make use of the basics of photo editing: cropping, adjusting the lighting and fixing the saturation to optimize your photos for social media.  Take it a step further and add a personal touch to your posts.  This touch can be anything from a theme, to a filter, to a logo or branded frame you add to your photos and videos.  Make sure your photos not only look good on social media, but also that they have an extra little flair that connects them to your brand.   

4. Sprinkle in the memes

Memes continue to dominate the social landscape.  Some are funny, some are ironic, some are more serious commentaries on society, but all are extremely popular.  If your brand is not already making use of memes in your social media strategy, now is the time to start.  

Share a mix of custom memes you make specifically for your brand, and other relevant memes you find online.  These posts can break up the monotony of your feed, especially if most of your other posts are pictures of your offerings.  You don’t have to go overboard: use memes sparingly as a way to mix up your posts, and inject some humor or cultural references into your page. 

5. Take a cue from TikTok 

There’s no question that TikTok really exploded in 2020, and that momentum shows no signs of slowing down.  Jumping on that train and trying to build a presence on TikTok would be a good idea for most brands, especially those whose target audience is relatively young.  

However, even if your company does not make a TikTok, you can still learn from it and use it to guide your social media.  The type of videos that are TikTok’s bread and butter-short, spliced together, with an audio track in the background-are gaining popularity across many channels.  No matter what platform(s) you focus on, try creating some TikTok-style content.  If done well, your audience is sure to respond positively.

The above trends and tips should help spice up your social media pages this winter.  Keep things fun, engaging, and personalized to really step up your channels and connect with your customers. 

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