How to Reel Them In: Our Guide to Instagram Reels

How to Reel Them In: Our Guide to Instagram Reels

We all enjoy a daily dose of social media on our Instagram feed. Social media is a great place for us to feel connected to one another and learn from each other. Some use these sites professionally, while others only for personal use. The setting up isn’t the hardest, it’s keeping up with the account – and maintaining your followers. Some find it useful to reel in followers with a video! 

Though when you encounter a video, you may wonder – How did that person create the most successful Instagram video? What program did they use? How can they Reel in their audience to establish more followers or fan base?

If you are not even close to being familiar with these top 5 tools to create an Instagram reel, then you are really in luck to find out more, so let’s jump right in!

Narrow Your Top Video Choices 

When you hear the word Reel – what comes to your mind first? Do you want to represent your brand in a professional or personal way? 

Instagram Reel has the program built on the app to create a short, filmed reel, but in this digital era of 2021 – people move forward with using computer technology or phone resourceful apps promote their page using videos to create to invite others into their creative/marketing field. 

It never hurts to research Instagram’s reels story settings – find the perfect application that matches your brand goals. There are specific topics people use to create videos that perform well on Instagram Reels. 

What is often seen on Instagram is people will do an introductory video of themself, their brand, and tell a little story about their background. By doing this, companies may feel interested in learning more about their goals in the marketing industry – that would set them apart from others. Let’s say you are an artist or hair dresser, you’ll want to think about taking your followers behind the scenes to showcase your studio/space. Reels can be highly effective with this type of skill because it shows the real side of your brand or product. 

Many influencers and marketers do what is known as a Before and After tutorial – some hairdressers will go above and beyond to create a video tutorial step by step process for their clients. While others, like illustrators, will take a video of the project in segments showing the evolution of the paint or coloring that goes into play for their audience to see engaging progress along the way! 

By styling your video not only creatively but to use innovative techniques will set you up for success in your brand and marketing field – more importantly, people will remember you and want to come back to your profile to feel excited to learn more about you!

Visualize Your Video 

This might sound cheesy but when you have a vision on how to create your video, it can really help your end result. You’ll want to outline how you plan to approach reeling in your audience. It always helps to write down exactly what you want to convey to the audience before you start creating.

There are two approaches you can take to plan your video: focusing on the visuals or the messaging. If you have a creative mindset, you can create a storyboard of sorts, and draw out the visual thumbnails of the imagery you want to include in the video. If you tend to think more analytically, you can instead create a list of goals you want to achieve with your video. This can help shape the direction of the Reel and keep it on track. Some people think differently than others. Use whichever approach aligns with your skillset more. Also, when taking these steps to plan a video, always keep in mind what audience you are targeting, so you can ensure your content lines up with them.

Take Advantage of Free Applications 

  1. Wondershare FilmoreGo – This highly intuitive and powerful-based tool app to edit your Instagram reel. You can add stunning filters or any kind of special effects, and it can be used only on your mobile device on iPhone or Android.You can also do a lot of simple editing, trimming or create royalty free movies. 
  2. Adobe Premiere Rush – A highly versatile editing software to create stunning and engaging content. So many amazing options for editing your video. One major option is to apply to a pan or zoom effect. Doing that for your video would enhance the professional look of your video or profile! Also, the good news is you can even use this application not only on a Mac, iOS, but even an Android or PC (Windows) computer. 
  3. Instagram App – as it turns out the Instagram app itself has the editing tools built into the app without having to download other editing apps. The set-up of the reel can be recorded in segments by using the align tab to create multiple clips into a single reel. This of course can be done on Android or iPhone divide! It’s also a set up to make the video and editing process a breeze! 
  4. iMovie – most of us may be more familiar with this program but bear in mind this is compatible with Apple and iOS products! So, think carefully about this, in case you don’t have a supportive system to use. This is the most creative out of the bunch because it has a Hollywood style video method that allows you to use a one-tap tool. It offers a variety of soundtracks with the options to record voiceovers!

These alternative reel options mentioned above help to give a great starting point, while fine tuning your video process. To sum this up, each reel of alternative options listed above gives more ample opportunities to put a brand voice in your video – gives the followers a chance to understand you and your brand better. 

Make Your Video Authentic

Of course, if you want to make a bold statement with your Instagram Reels, you might stumble a bit at first. But not to worry – there’s always a workaround! There is one thing you will always want to keep in mind to get you back on track: authenticity. 

When you introduce yourself or your brand in the video, make sure you consider exactly what picture you are trying to paint. Your followers will be able to tell and will appreciate when you are being authentic and genuine about your brand. If you come off very confident, you’ll be sure to reach more followers! Be bold, be confident, and absolutely be yourself! 

Create Shortcuts for Next Time

Finally, once you have created a successful Instagram Reels, you’ll want to make note of what you did and what went well to help you in the future! Track your process step by step so you can refer back to it anytime you need a refresher or some inspiration. Any shortcuts you can provide for yourself for future reels will save you time and resources in the long run.  

One thing that would be especially helpful is to pick your “go to” app for creating and editing your content! Picking the app or software you are most comfortable with will save you a ton of time for editing. Then, you can more quickly and efficiently upload the Reel on Instagram for the audience to be drawn in.

That’s a wrap for today! These are the major components and measures that are taken to create stunning Reels on Instagram! All these steps should increase your chances of gaining more followers on your Instagram.  Even if the growth is not immediate, don’t feel discouraged: successful Instagram Reels take practice and patience. Keep working on creating Reels and the process will be much easier over time!

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