How to Write the Perfect Listicle

How to Write the Perfect Listicle

The digital marketing community continues to transform every day. When it comes time to write a listicle, often writers wonder: How do I begin? Who is my target audience? Will this content be compatible with our brand identity? Is it written in a way readers can easily understand? And finally what kind of list is needed? Fine tuning to creating a listicle is important when outlining the dialogue for marketing content. 

Below are some tips to strategize and create a well-written listicle.

Brainstorm Cohesive and Relevant Content

Without question, the first stage starts with brainstorming to determine the content. Keep in mind that your content should align with your brand identity. You’ll also want to catch your audience’s attention in your title. Create a title that contains fresh words and invites the audience to read further! You will want supportive subtitles that are cohesive and eye-catching as well. 

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your content is cohesive and flows smoothly.  Keeping everything cohesive will help ensure it is easy to follow and that it aligns well with your branding.

Use Keywords

It is essential you stay focused and clear when addressing the ideas in your listicle. A great way to do this is by focusing on keywords you want to include. Before you start writing your content, make sure you’ve compiled a list of keywords that connect back to your brand. These will help you prioritize your ideas and stay focused on the topic you’re trying to cover. It is crucial you don’t veer off topic, so using keywords as a guide can help you stay on course and keep from straying from the subject at hand. 

Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Holding your audience’s attention can be difficult, but let’s break down the dos and don’ts with writing a listicle. First, avoid using the passive voice. Instead, stay in the active voice to grab your reader’s attention. Keep your content varied, using a wide range of sentence structures to keep your content free flowing. Finally, make sure there are no unnecessary extra words, so thoughts will be clear and to the point. 

You will also want to make sure your content is creative, and that it offers a unique perspective readers won’t be able to find elsewhere. Be sure to do your research and check other content that has already been published.  You don’t want to merely reshare the same information readers can already find elsewhere.  Make sure you’re adding some value for them.  Adding in creative content is necessary to compose the perfect listicle.

Be Innovative 

There’s one major thing digital content and marketing should have in common: Innovation. When you are writing a listicle, play around with innovative ideas and make sure to add in content with an unexpected twist to engage your readers. This will ensure the reader will remain involved and will read on. Think outside your comfort zone and push past your limitations and boundaries. Stay focused,  but be creative with exploring new innovative content.

Double Check Your Listicle for Content and Errors

Ultimately, you want to be sure your listicle is meeting your audience’s needs and wants, and that you are presenting yourself in a clear and accurate way. Be clear, creative, and yet informative with your written communication. This will help you in the long run. You will also want to re-read and double check your work before publishing.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a listicle is leaving an error or mistake unfound!  Sometimes, making tweaks here and there isn’t much of an issue, but publishing the listicle before checking it over is a big mistake! You want to make sure your writing speaks volumes and makes sense.

Follow these five simple tips to construct a great listicle, from brainstorming content to using keywords that relate to the topic. When you zero in on your audience, create content that is easy to digest, and write and think in an innovative way, you are sure to end up with an informative and effective listicle!

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