How Your Brand Can Make Use of Facebook Groups

How Your Brand Can Make Use of Facebook Groups

There is value in creating a community for your brand, and one great way to do that is with Facebook groups.  Depending on your specific brand and your mission, Facebook groups can serve many different purposes.  Let’s look at just a few of the ways Facebook groups can benefit you and your business.

A place to share recipes or how-to’s 

Whether you’re selling a food item, raw materials, or clothing, chances are there will be ways for people to get creative with your offerings.  A Facebook group can be the perfect place for your customers to share ideas for use, and projects that include your products.  Just a few examples: A group to share drink recipes for a liquor company, a group to share styling suggestions for an accessory seller, or a group to share sewing projects for a yarn producer. 

A place to share reviews and thoughts 

In addition to sharing potential uses for your products, customers can also use groups to share reviews of your products, and let others know their thoughts after use.  This can be an easy, centralized place for fans of your brand to visit if they are considering purchasing another product from you, but want to hear from fellow customers before committing. Members of these groups likely hold a more positive view of your brand than the average consumer, so you will likely receive some great recommendations and content you can re-share from these types of groups as well.

Connecting with customers around a common theme 

Your Facebook group doesn’t always need to be so directly related to your offerings either.  A group can also be a great way for you to connect with your audience about a general topic that relates to your offerings.  For example, a company that sells plants and seeds may consider creating a gardening group on Facebook.  Members could share gardening tips, ask questions, and seek advice from fellow gardeners.  Building this type of community for your brand can help bring together people who are potentially interested in your products, and provide you with a comfortable means through which to connect with them.

Connecting your customers to each other 

Another way a Facebook group can add value is by connecting your customers to each other.  If people make genuine connections through your group, they will likely credit your brand with helping to forge that connection.  Building a sense of community not just between you and your customers, but also among your customers, can be extremely beneficial.  The more connected people feel to each other, the more they will see your brand as a community they are a valued part of, and the more loyalty and goodwill they will likely feel.

Ultimately, encouraging purchases 

Finally, whatever type of group you make, and in addition to the benefits mentioned above, the ultimate benefit of almost any Facebook group can be to increase sales.  Whether it is direct or indirect, building a Facebook community for your brand can help drive conversions for you.  When customers see the cool projects others are making with your products, they’ll want to purchase your products to participate in the creativity as well.  When people read a glowing review of your latest offering, they’ll be enticed to try it out for themselves.  When people feel a connection with you and with each other, they’ll have a stronger desire to support your brand time after time.  Whether the sales roll in immediately or take a bit more time, a well-executed Facebook group will almost certainly help your business out.

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