Keeping Up With New Instagram Features

Keeping Up With New Instagram Features

It’s hard to catch up with social networking updates because they change regularly. Instagram, which has about a billion users, is packed full of features meant to be entertaining as well as beneficial to marketers. Indeed, it is a powerful marketing tool due to its high interaction rates. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about some of Instagram’s newest features so you can stay ahead of the curve.  Keep in mind that Instagram is known for adding and removing features all the time, so if you still don’t have access to some of these, be patient.

1. Instagram Shops and Instagram Checkout

Instead of only tagging items, Instagram Shops is a new feature that allows business profiles to build their store inside the social network. The best part is that users can complete their transactions without having to leave Instagram thanks to the Checkout feature. The checkout feature allows users to store their bank and payment information inside the app, making shopping quicker and simpler.

2. Shopping with AR features

Some brands are currently testing a new feature on Instagram Shopping that uses augmented reality filters to ‘help users try on’ products before shopping them.  This is still in the very early stages, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the months to come.

3. Professional Dashboard for Monitoring Performance

In 2021, Instagram launched one of the best features for businesses. Instagram’s new Professional Dashboard is open to all Business and Creator Accounts on Instagram. This great initiative provides creators and companies with the resources they need to transform their passions into a living or promote their small businesses.

4. Regulations on Influencer Advertising

Instagram has put into place new community guidelines and asked influencers to adhere to these group standards to ensure that influencers do not spread false information about the goods or services they promote.  This is one of the efforts Instagram has made lately to increase security and authenticity on the app.

5. Instagram Guides

It was first made available to a small group of users in May 2020 for health and wellness publications, but it is now available to everyone. Content creators may use it to share tools and tips on a specific subject.

6. Explore Tab

The social network keeps modifying its Explore Tab layout, making it even more appealing and user-friendly. This tab becomes a place for exposure, since many Instagram users use the Explore tab at least once a month.

7. Reels and Shopping Reels

Instagram Reels was built to compete with TikTok, another social network that became very popular in 2020. However, Instagram is taking it to the next level by making it shopping friendly. This update will make shopping on Instagram even more appealing for online shoppers at a time when video-based shopping is becoming more popular. When creating Reels, businesses and creators can tag their goods. When users see an Instagram Reel that uses this feature, they can tap a ‘View Products’ button to purchase, save, or simply learn more about the featured products.

Social media is rapidly evolving to meet customer expectations and other network competition. With the algorithm constantly changing to encourage engagement, your brand should be sure to not only concentrate on Instagram Ads but also on maintaining your relationship with your followers. The best bet is to stay up to date on all of these new features and updates, and to focus on how you can benefit from them as a business.

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