AI For Restaurant Marketing

As the number of artificial intelligence tools expands and AI continues to get more and more advanced, more and more businesses are making use of AI for marketing.  How can your restaurant capitalize on these new technologies and use them to your advantage? 

Below are just a few of the ways you can use artificial intelligence to help with your restaurant marketing

How To Use AI For Your Restaurant Marketing 

The possibilities are endless!  Marketing AI tools can help with almost any marketing activity that involves writing or creative thinking. 

Writing Social Media Content 

The need for new and creative social media content never ends.  When you’re posting on your social channels multiple times per week, you can sometimes find yourself in a creative rut, unable to come up with new ideas.  Using AI for writing in these instances can be really beneficial. 

Artificial intelligence chatbots, like Google Bard or ChatGPT, can be a great place to seek inspiration.  If you input some info about your restaurant and the types of posts you’re trying to share, the AI will come up with captions you can use.  AI can save you a ton of time and hassle when it comes to social media content creation. 

Generating Ideas for Blogs and Website Content 

While you may not want to have AI write full blog posts or website pages for you (more on that below), these chatbots can still help you generate ideas for your website.  AI can come up with a list of topics that are relevant to your brand and being searched for online that you can write future blogs about.  Getting these ideas from AI can be much quicker than trying to research and compile a list on your own. 

Video Ideas and Trends 

Considering the way things have trended online in the past few years, any successful hospitality marketing plan needs to include video. And just like with blogs and website content, AI can help generate ideas for videos as well. You can use AI to come up with video concepts to try, and to find out what video trends are currently popular in the restaurant industry. 

Event Names, Puns, and Wordplay 

This is an area that AI really thrives. If you’re trying to come up with a name for an event, a catchy title, or some other clever form of wordplay, you should make use of AI. Chatbots can quickly generate multiple ideas for puns or catchy phrases about any topic you need. This can be especially useful for things like anniversary celebrations, special holiday dishes, or seasonal events.  

A Word of Warning 

So we did mention above that you might not want to just copy and paste long-form written content you get from an AI tool. That’s because it’s important to keep in mind AI is not perfect.  It is still a relatively new technology and most AI tools still have some glitches and imperfections to work out.  There may be errors or portions of the content that sound clunky.  While AI is incredible, it’s not human. 

Plus, Google’s algorithms are smart.  They’re often able to tell when something is written by a bot as opposed to a person.  So if your entire website is composed of AI-written content, you might risk hurting your SEO when Google catches on. 

Overall, AI is great for short-form writing and idea generation.  It can play an important role in your restaurant marketing plan and save you lots of time. But still evaluate the results you get from any AI query critically.  Read through written content for errors, double-check facts and figures, and re-write as needed to align the content with your brand’s voice.  Feel free to use AI for marketing, just be smart about how you go about it. 

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