John D. McGurk’s

Social Media, Website Maintenance, Community Management


McGurk’s is what you’d call an institution when it comes to St. Louis restaurants and bars. A perennial winner of ‘Best Patio’ and ‘Best Irish Pub’, they set the standard when it comes to authentic Irish pubs. When we got the call to work with them, we were delighted and over the years have helped them maintain their branding, website and engaged with their most loyal customers. When people ask who we do work for, this is one of the first we mention.

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Influencers, Events, Direct Mail, and More: Think Outside The Box For Your Restaurant Marketing

The common marketing methods everyone knows about are important. You’ll be hard-pressed to succeed without paying attention to restaurant marketing tips that advise you to have a strong social media presence, email marketing program, running Google/Facebok/Yelp ads, and optimizing your SEO.

But you shouldn’t just stick with these well-known channels. Getting creative and trying other methods can really help your restaurant marketing. Whether you do it yourself or enlist the help of a hospitality marketing agency, here are some less commonly-used channels to market your small business through.

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