New Year, New You: Refreshing Your Brand in 2021

New Year, New You: Refreshing Your Brand in 2021

New year, new you!  Whether you’re planning some business changes in response to the global pandemic, or just in need of a refresh that you’ve been putting off for a while, there’s no time like the new year to make some changes.  The start of the new year is an ideal time to introduce new ideas for your brand.   Here are some updates and changes you may want to consider to keep your brand moving forward as we enter 2021.

Modernize your logo

Every brand needs to update and refresh every once in a while.  Even if you feel like the basic framework for your logo is working, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a little updating.  Although you do not want to change your look too often and confuse people, you do need to make sure to make small changes and adjustments as needed to remain modern.  Even something as small as a tweak in the exact shades of color you use, or reworking the shape of your logo slightly, can really brighten it up and keep it feeling current.  Use this new year as an opportunity to critically analyze your branding and any ways you can improve it slightly.  

Product Line Expansion

If you have new products or expansions of your current product lines in the works, aim for a January release date.  People tend to look for fun and exciting new products in the new year.  Capitalize on this feeling and take advantage of people’s tendency to try new things when the year changes.  This can also be a great marketing opportunity, to tie in the “New Year, New You” idea to your new product marketing. 

COVID-specific changes 

Nobody really knows how long COVID-19 will be impacting our daily lives.  For now, the end to the pandemic does not seem to be near.  With the 2 coldest months of the year, along with flu season, on the horizon, things could get tough.  If you have not yet shifted your business plan to cater to the current state of the world, now is the time. 

Think about ways that your business can better cater to an at-home experience.  Whether that is new avenues of selling, like delivery and online ordering, or new products to entertain stir-crazy families, think outside the box in terms of how you will move forward.  Virtual events have become quite popular, along with take-and-bake meals and at-home classes.   Not only could this help your company brave the next few months, but these could all prove themselves to have lasting popularity even once the height of the pandemic has passed. 

Website redesign

Even without making ANY other changes to your business, redesigning your website can make your whole company feel brand new.  A new layout, use of branding elements, or additional pages can provide a completely new experience to your customers.  Like the logo, this is not something you want to change too frequently, as it can be frustrating to users to continually get used to new websites.  However, if it has been a while, now is a great time for a refresh.  

This is also an opportunity to improve the functionality of your site.  Think of any changes you can make to make your web page more intuitive and user-friendly.  Remove old or broken links from your site, update your reviews and any press you have gotten lately, and make sure everything is functioning the best it possibly can.   

Social media 

One final place you can update for the new year is on your social media channels.  This is a prime opportunity to shift your look or your strategy.  On Instagram, you may want to choose a specific aesthetic or color scheme, and post more photos with your branding elements.  Now is also a great time to refine your social strategy.  It can be easy to stray away from your specific voice or strategy over time.  Bring your social channels back to where you want them to be for 2021.  Ensure you are speaking in a voice that appeals to your primary customer base, re-focus on your specific field and niche within it, and just ensure that your overall approach is perfectly in line with your other marketing efforts.

A new year is always an opportunity for change.  Especially this year, after how turbulent 2020 has been, use this as a chance to reset your business and chart a course that you are excited about going forward.  Changes, both big and small, are what the new year is all about.  By making even a few changes and adjustments, you could be setting yourself and your brand up for growth and opportunity in 2021. 

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