Our Favorite TikTok Creators

Our Favorite TikTok Creators

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, information, or entertainment, you’ll find it on TikTok.  Since blowing up a couple years ago, the app has done nothing but pick up steam. And with TikTok’s growing popularity has come the growing popularity of influencers on the app as well. Here are some of our favorite TikTokers of the moment.  They bring their experience, their skills, and their humor to provide valuable and enjoyable content for people of all ages! 


Fitness creator Ulisses uses his platform to help others and provide insights into his workouts. His videos focus mainly on gym content, but he mixes things up with some funny videos at home with his family as well. If you’re looking for help with your own fitness journey, his content provides tips, tricks, and advice. Or, if you simply need some inspiration, let him awe you with his strength and unique workouts that will motivate you to get up and moving too in no time!

Vegan cooking: One Great Vegan 

There is always going to be room on the internet for people who share delicious recipes. On One Great Vegan, Gabrielle Reyes shares great vegan recipes and kitchen advice, but with a musical twist.  That’s right, she brings together her love of vegan cooking and her love of singing on this entertaining and delicious channel. Follow along for recipes that will please your tastebuds, and music that will please your ears!

Mom life: Tabitha Brown

Mom life can be rough.  Tabitha Brown, as “The world’s Favorite Mom” understands that and provides relatable content for all the moms out there.  She covers a variety of topics on her channel, from recipes to uplifting videos. She’s funny, she’s encouraging, and most of all she keeps it real through all the ups and downs of being a mom.

Beauty: ahliyahmichelle

For as long as the internet has been around, there have been beauty influencers.  And one of the best out there right now is Ahliyah Michelle. Her page is full of tips and tricks for hair, makeup, and skincare.  Whether you’re looking for advice or just want to be mesmerized by the beautiful makeup looks she creates, spending some time watching her videos is well worth it.

Fashion: Wisdom Kaye

If fashion and style are up your alley, then you need to check out Wisdom Kaye.  Wisdom shows off the latest street style, as well as fun outfits inspired by everyone from cartoon characters to superheroes. His experience as a model makes him a great source for all things fashion.  He’s entertaining and shares some incredible outfit inspo for anyone who needs it.

Dance: Nae Nae Twins

When TikTok first gained popularity, one of the biggest driving forces were the choreographed dances people were putting together and sharing on the app.  TikTok dances are still a hugely popular trend today.  If you like learning these trendy dances or just watching some incredible dancers, you should definitely check out the Nae Nae Twins.  You’d be hard pressed to find a more talented pair of dancers on TikTok.

Comedy: Drea Knows Best

Sometimes you just need a good laugh.  That is certainly something TikTok can provide, especially if you’re watching Drea’s videos.  Her videos cover all kinds of topics, including her Nigerian culture and her travels around the world. But no matter what she’s talking about or acting out, you know it’s going to be funny.

All of the creators above are incredibly talented, incredibly entertaining, and definitely worth following. Next time you’re ready to spend hours scrolling through TikTok, make sure to include videos by these influencers in your viewing.

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