5 Posting Trends You Do Not Want to Miss

5 Posting Trends You Do Not Want to Miss

Social media trends come and go so quickly that they can be hard to catch before they disappear.  It seems that as soon as a trend or concept gains popularity, a new one pops up to overtake it. We’ve compiled the top 5 hot trends of the moment that you will not want your business to miss out on.  Take advantage of them quickly, before they become yesterday’s news!

1. Augmented Reality 

AR filters have been popular on sites like Snapchat for a while, but their reach is rapidly spreading.  Augmented reality on Instagram and Facebook is growing, and it’s a perfect time to jump in the game.  Brands can create their own filters to both promote their offerings and provide a bit of fun for users. Try holiday-themed filters, seasonal filters, or special filters if you have a big launch or business change coming up.  

2. User-generated content

Of all the trends in this post, this is by far the oldest, but it is still going strong in terms of effectiveness.  Brands are continuing to make use of content their customers are generating.  Encouraging your customers to share photos of your products and tag your business is a great way to keep content rolling in.  Not only do these posts feel authentic and accessible, but they also bring some variety to your feed!

Fans are often excited and eager to have their photos shared on your social media accounts.  And just because most people are not professional photographers does not mean that they won’t provide high-quality content. Do not overlook user-generated content, because it continues to be a real minefield for many brands. 

3. Instagram Live 

IG Live really took off during the recent pandemic.  With so many people staying at home, viewership of Live videos has risen astronomically in the past few months.  Content creators and brands have also been getting more creative in utilizing Instagram Live to supplement or replace in-person advertising.  This is a trend you will want to hop on right away.  Live videos give your fans unparalleled access into your world, and feel much more relatable than a curated post.  Take advantage of the increasingly virtual world we are living in, and starting creating some Instagram Live videos. 

4. Posting about values 

A bit more serious than most other trends, sharing your values has really taken the forefront recently.  Consumers are becoming more cognizant of the values and priorities of the brands they are purchasing from.  They care about more than just the product or service itself – they want to know what a business stands for before supporting them. 

As a brand, it can feel like walking on thin ice to take a stance on social issues – brands are often hesitant to risk alienating portions of their consumer base.  Every brand does not necessarily need to express a strong stance on every single issue in the world, but it is important to know your brand’s priorities and values and be vocal about them.  Being neutral is not as widely accepted for brands as it used to be, so now is the time to be willing to express viewpoints and participate (within reason, of course) in more divisive discussions.

5. TikTok challenges 

TikTok has taken the social media scene by storm this year, especially among younger generations.  One of the biggest trends to emerge, besides dances, is TikTok challenges.  It seems like every week there’s a new “challenge” trending on the platform.  Plus, these challenges aren’t just staying on TikTok.  They’re being shared and replicated across pretty much every other social media platform as well.  

Check out recent challenges and find a way for your brand to get involved.  Do a variation on them that works for your business and shows off your offerings.  These types of challenges are always trending and tend to receive a lot of social media attention, so this is a great way to make some less serious content that has the potential to reach a large new audience. 


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