Spring Your Marketing Forward for Spring

Spring Your Marketing Forward for Spring

Things are warming up and thawing out as we spring into spring.  Make sure your digital marketing efforts transition with the seasons with these tips to help you spring forward.  

1. Brighten up your Color Scheme 

Spring is all about bright colors, fun pastels, blooming flowers, and all things vibrant! As we transition into this bright and colorful season, make sure your digital marketing campaigns reflect the new season.  Gradually transition into a lighter and brighter color scheme on your social media accounts.  Make sure your ads and other digital campaigns feature lots of happy colors.  Whether you’re taking all-new themed photos for spring, or just editing and tinting existing photos to brighten them up a bit, switch things up a bit to help your brand spring forward. 

2. Leverage Spring Holidays 

Along with a changing color scheme, the spring season also brings with it a handful of holidays that your brand can take advantage of.  Important days like the first day of spring, Easter, and Mother’s Day are all opportunities for some creative marketing.  You can share themed posts, offer special discounts, or make it personal by talking about your brand’s connection to the day.  Whatever route you choose, these can all help boost your marketing efforts and switch up your posts from the norm. 

3. Invest in New Digital Marketing Tools 

The seasons are changing and so is your brand.  Take this opportunity to invest in tools and technologies that will take your creative to the next level. If you’ve had your eye on a new editing software or video technology, spring is a great time to pull the trigger. Things are warming up and people are venturing out of their houses again.  Catch their eye with top-notch creative content to reel them in.

4. Optimize Your Marketing Budget 

In addition to new purchases, spring is a great time to optimize what you already have as well.  It can be easy for companies to get complacent and just stick with the status quo month to month when it comes to their marketing budget.  Instead of just doing more of the same, really take this time to analyze your results across all your digital marketing efforts.  Compare your investments to your outputs, and reallocate your funds to the areas that have been most successful.  This probably seems like common sense, but it can be all too easy for businesses to get busy and just keep investing in the same ways, instead of really taking the time to do what is best for their brand. 

5. Spring Cleaning! 

Finally, we couldn’t get through a post about springing into spring without mentioning some spring cleaning!  You’re probably cleaning up your house, your yard, and your garage, so be sure to clean up your business too.  How many small, easy projects have you put off throughout the year, thinking you would get to it when you have time?  Now is that time.  Dedicate this season to basic maintenance that you’ve put off, small fixes and improvements you need to make, and quick projects that could all add up to make a huge difference to your brand.  If you have any old or outdated links on your website, remove those.  If you’ve been meaning to update the photos in your catalogue, get them updated.  If you need to rewrite some copy on your site to align with your growth and evolution as a company, get writing.  Even if you can just dedicate 20-30 minutes per day for a month, you’ll be shocked how quickly you can get things back in order and take care of so many projects that have been put off for too long. 

Use the five ideas above to spring your brand forward in the coming months, and make the most of this transition to warmer seasons. 

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