View This: Facebook Video vs. YouTube

View This: Facebook Video Vs. YouTube Facebook is rapidly increasing its digital reach. Video has been one of the biggest pushes for the social media giant in an attempt to compete with Google. Facebook’s content is filled with video, which makes us wonder: is Facebook video at threat to YouTube? Facebook Video vs. YouTube: Facebook’s […]

Posters Beware: Social Media & Politics

Posters Beware: Social Media & Politics As a business owner, you have the right to put your politics out there. However, you may also need to think about the consequences of those actions, especially when it comes to hot button issues. The Story: Recently, our friends at MoKaBe’s had an issue with and employee going […]

Thanks for Nothing: Twitter Etiquette

Thanks for Nothing: Twitter Etiquette We love Twitter here at BYK. And we’re big on proper manners and relationship building. With that said, the constant thanking of people on Twitter has gone a little too far, and we all suffer for it. Thanks for nothing automated tweets. Not sure what We are talking about? Just […]

Gauging Email Marketing Success

Gauging Email Marketing Success Email marketing is one of the most efficient avenues in reaching new potential clients. It’s also an incredible way to drive engagement with current customers to keep your brand fresh in their mind. As a business owner, you wear a lot of caps and are responsible for many moving parts. It’s […]

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