Things you might not realize need to be updated on your website

Things you might not realize need to be updated on your website

So many pages, so many spots where things can be forgotten.  Even on a relatively simple website, there are plenty of things that can get overlooked or become out of date.  There’s a lot to remember when it comes to website maintenance.  Here are just a few of the most commonly overlooked aspects of your website that might need to be updated.

Operating hours on secondary pages 

Most companies are pretty good about updating changes to their operating hours on the homepage of their site.  But often, hours are listed in more than one place on a website.  They may be hidden farther down the page on your About or Contact pages, or included somewhere on your menu or shopping pages. When your hours change, make sure they’re being updated across the board, not just in the most visible spots.

Links to documents 

When you’re going through and updating the content on your website, you might also forget about documents or external links that need to be updated.  For instance, you might have a downloadable PDF of your menu or catering packages somewhere on your site.  Be sure these attachments and links get updated along with the content on your site itself.

Copyright info 

The copyright info at the bottom of your site is usually so small that it can be easily overlooked.  Make sure the year stays up to date, along with any other legal or fine print info you have along with it. 


The farther down the page info is, the easier it can be to forget about it.  Many website designs include some sort of footer, with a menu and additional links all the way at the bottom of the page.  Do NOT neglect this footer!  Oftentimes, there are links and information here that cannot be found elsewhere on your site, so be sure everything stays up to date.

News and Press 

Many companies have a page on their website for media mentions and recognitions. Much of this content may be evergreen, and something you want visitors to your site to be able to access forever.  However, still be sure to check the media section on your website periodically to make sure all the links still work, and that all the news you’re promoting is still relevant and accurate for your brand.

Logos and design elements 

Anytime you rebrand or update your brand guidelines, you’ll want to do a thorough check of your website and every single spot that includes brand logos, colors, fonts, etc.  It is very important to your brand recognition to keep your website updated in this sense, and make sure it portrays the most accurate and up-to-date branding.

Along with this, sometimes companies like to include the length of time they’ve been in business in certain design elements. For instance, if you are celebrating 25 years of your company, you may create a special anniversary logo, or include this information beneath your logo and slogan.  It can be cumbersome to keep these kinds of specifics updated, so consider using broader phrasing to keep it relevant for longer: (Try phrasing like “Over 30 years” instead of specifying “31 years in business”).

Staff directory or contact info 

Some companies include information about their current employees somewhere on their site, such as short bios, pictures, and contact information. If your company does this, make sure your staff information all stays current.  It can be challenging to remember to update this page every time someone joins or leaves your team, especially if your company is relatively large.  You wouldn’t want a potential client or customer to be trying to contact someone who hasn’t worked for your business in years.

About Us page or owner information 

Unlike a staff directory, this page is unlikely to become inaccurate (unless your business is sold).  However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be updated from time to time.  There may be new milestones or accomplishments that need to be added in: Anything from media recognition to new awards or certifications the owners have received.

As you can see, keeping your website up-to-date has a ton of moving parts.  It is not as simple as you might think, once you realize the many different aspects and pages that need to be maintained.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, be sure to check out our affordable website maintenance plans. We can help your small business’ website stay optimized and completely updated!

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