Top Notch Low-Cost Digital Marketing Tools

Top Notch Low-Cost Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing can eat up a lot of resources and a lot of time if you want to do it right.  However, it doesn’t always need to be that way.  From analytics to content creation to photo editing, here are some great free or low-cost tools to help your digital marketing efforts. 

Creator Studio 

If you’re not using Facebook’s Creator Studio to schedule and post on Facebook and Instagram, what are you waiting for?  This tool is completely free with any Facebook business account, and will help simplify your life immensely.  Use it to draft posts, schedule photos and videos ahead of time, and review results from the posts you have published.  As of late 2020, you can even use Creator Studio to create a split test-run multiple versions of a video post to see which performs best before publishing the winner to your page. 


From basic ecommerce to convenient POS systems to email marketing, accounts with Square offer a variety of resources to help businesses’ digital presence.  Their online ordering technology is easy to navigate and user-friendly, plus allows for the option to save your data for a quicker checkout process in the future.  Through Square, you can run your online ordering, gift card sales, and even a loyalty program all through the same platform.  You can make use of their payment processing systems for any on-the-go sales you might need to make, such as at an outdoor market, food truck, or festival.  We love making use of Square’s variety of offerings to serve our clients’ online sales needs. 


MailChimp should be one of your go-tos for email marketing.  It offers a great system for collecting contact information and categorizing your leads into relevant groups to target with email communication.  Send discount codes, exclusive offers, and business updates to the relevant audiences with ease.  MailChimp also offers templates and frameworks to help make the content creation side of email marketing easy as well.   

Google Data Studio 

When you want to track how well your digital marketing efforts have been working, turn to Google Data Studio.  Data Studio can analyze your campaigns and create reports to help you see where you have been succeeding, and where you need to improve.  Data Studio can pull info from your social media channels, your website, and more to give you a well-rounded picture of how things are going for your brand digitally.  Having a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses will only serve to improve your digital marketing efforts in the future.  


If your needs are not too complicated or advanced, Canva is a great resource for photo editing and marketing material creation.  You can create a free account, or sign up for a paid subscription for advanced capabilities.  This platform can be especially useful for beginners, or those without much experience in graphic design.  Canva offers pre-made templates for everything from flyers to cards to posters to social media posts.  These can be a great jumping-off point your brand can use to begin making custom marketing materials. 

With the tools above, you can take your digital marketing to the next level, without raising expenses through the roof.  The tools above are all well worth the cost to help your business succeed.

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