Ways to Support Local This Holiday Season

Ways to Support Local This Holiday Season

It’s only fitting that 2020 will be coming to a close with a weird and unprecedented holiday season.  Many small shops, restaurants, and other businesses are hurting, and need support now more than ever.  Luckily, whether you’re planning to leave your house or just take care of all your holiday preparations from the couch, there are plenty of ways you can support local businesses.  Below are a few ideas.

Buy Gifts From Local Shops Instead of Big Box Stores 

This one is pretty straightforward.  Large national chains and big box stores offer an element of convenience that local boutiques can’t.  Resist the urge to make Amazon or Walmart your one-stop gift shop, and branch out to some local shops near you!  Every town has some wonderful small boutiques and stores with perfect gifts for everyone on your list!  It may take a bit more time and a few extra stops to get your full list taken care of, but it is worth it!

Check For Online Ordering from Local Stores 

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds shopping in person, that doesn’t mean you can’t still support local stores.  Many small shops have implemented online or call-in ordering systems, with curbside pickup available.  Check for online ordering or other pickup options at your favorite local stores before turning to national chains. 

Order Carryout 

After all that shopping, it will probably be time to refuel!  Pretty much every restaurant and cafe is offering some type of delivery or carryout option for their food and drinks by now.  Take advantage of these offerings to support local AND please your taste buds.  Two birds, one stone!

Restaurant Gift Cards 

Even if you’re not in the mood for food at that exact moment, you can still support your favorite local eateries!  Whether it’s for your future self or a gift for someone else, a gift card for a restaurant is a great way to go.  And many restaurants are starting to offer online gift certificates and e-gift cards as well!  Your perfect, delicious gift could be just a few clicks away.

Consider Catering 

For many, the holiday parties and family get-togethers may be smaller, or non-existent, this year.  If you’re dining alone or in a smaller group than usual, save yourself tons of time and effort in the kitchen by ordering catering from a local spot!  Many restaurants are offering prepared holiday meals for groups and families, so you can still enjoy the variety of dishes and sides that usually grace your holiday table, but without having WAY too many leftovers! 

Donate If You Can

Finally, if you are financially able, there are plenty of charities and nonprofit organizations that support local workers and small businesses that could use assistance during the holiday season.  Search for local organizations that have funds set up for essential workers or struggling businesses.  Every little bit can help!  

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