Welcome To The Influencer Age

Welcome To The Influencer Age

Welcome to the influencer age, where 20 somethings become millionaires by promoting…shampoo? OK, so it’s not just 20 somethings and shampoo but at least we painted a picture to get us started.

If you don’t know what an influencer is, chances are you’ve still seen a post by one or even know one – that’s how popular influencer marketing has become.

An influencer can be anyone from anywhere. If they have a large number of followers on social media and have the ability to influence their following on a topic or product, bingo. Influencers don’t have to be a celebrity, in fact, many are ordinary people like you and me. They just happen to have a substantial amount of eyes on their content. Most influencers have some sort of niche, whether it be lifestyle, fashion, fitness, photography, sports, marketing – the list goes on.

I’m the first to admit influencers are constantly, for lack of a better word, influencing me. I recently tried out a new self-tanning product because I saw an influencer promoting it on her story. If I never would have seen that story, I would have never purchased the product nor learned about the brand.

That is just one of the many ways businesses utilize influencers to grow their brand and sales.

Influencer Marketing – What’s That?

Influencer Marketing involves a brand collaborating with an influencer to promote a product or service. This form of marketing reaches target audiences that will help boost sales and create brand awareness. We can break it down into two main categories – Brand Influencers and Brand Ambassadors.

Brand Influencers
Brand Influencers usually have a niche they stick with and create content about regularly. They also are close with their following and communicate constantly with them. In this example, Brooke Miccio, YouTuber and lifestyle influencer, worked with CVS on a sleep campaign. Brooke explains why she paired up with CVS and influences her following on their purchase decisions and brand support. In this case, Brooke was paid by the brand to promote the campaign throughout the month.

Brand Ambassadors
This type of influencer marketing has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Brand Ambassadors help a brand achieve goals, create awareness, and be a spokesperson for the brand. The best part? Anyone can do it, no matter the number of followers. Visit your favorite brand’s website and there just might be a section that you can apply through to become an ambassador. While these are not paid upfront opportunities, there might be free products or commission involved.

I personally am an ambassador for a clothing boutique. I have a unique code that I can give to my followers. When they use that code, I receive a small commission. Another perk is being added to an exclusive Facebook group for ambassadors only. By sharing my code and representing the brand, I am helping boost sales and awareness for the boutique.

Large companies are also on the hunt for brand ambassadors. Zagg Brands has 5 brands and accepts ambassadors for all of them! It’s as simple as filling out a form.

While these are just a couple of examples of how brands work with influencers, there are so many more possibilities! We live in a world of YouTubers, bloggers, celebrities, and people who just like to share their opinion. Take advantage of it! Influencers are relatable, and that is what the average person looks for.

Is It Worth It?

Well, it’s a case by case scenario. Influencer Marketing is an investment. If you want overnight results, don’t depend too heavily on it. Finding the right influencer for your brand is crucial to success. Once you do find that perfect influencer, it comes at a cost whether that be free products, a check, or trades. Maybe you plan on working with this influencer for a year or maybe it is just one post. Both are risks you have to be willing to take. Luckily, the statistics prove that bringing an influencer on board could be worth it!

The Facts

  1. 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations.
  2. The influencer marketing industry is set to hit $10 billion this year.
  3. Influencer marketing has passed up print advertisements. 
  4. 57% of marketers are using influencer marketing.
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