Why You Should Work With a Small Digital Marketing Agency

Why You Should Work With a Small Digital Marketing Agency

There are pros and cons to working with both small and large agencies.  While you might assume larger marketing agencies have better resources and more expertise so they’re the better option, that isn’t always the case.  Here are some of the perks of working with a small agency for all your digital marketing needs.  After reading about the benefits a small marketing agency can provide for your business, be sure to check out our offerings here at BYK to see some more specific ways that our agency can work for you.

1. Quick turnaround time 

One common downfall of a large agency is the time it takes for projects to be completed.  When an agency is juggling multiple clients and many different projects at once, it can take a week or more for any one project to be completed.  But when you hire a small agency, your work is completed much quicker.  No more waiting 3-5 business days for a response to your email.  Small agencies are responsive, have less on their plate, and are able to almost immediately get to work on any project or campaign your business needs. 

2. Personal attention 

Along with quicker turnaround times, the lower volume of clients that small agencies have means each client is given much more personalized attention.  You are not just another number to a small agency.  Small marketing agencies are able to develop much deeper relationships with their clients, and dedicate plenty of personal attention to developing and growing each business. When you hire a small agency, they will know you as a person and understand your business holistically, not just have the stats about your business memorized.  Here at BYK, we communicate with many of our clients on a daily basis, from emails to phone calls and texts.  We use all of the data and statistics available to analyze your business, but we look far beyond the numbers as well to understand your brand as a whole.

3. Dedication to success 

A small agency will know your business inside and out, and actually care about your success.  If your business isn’t successful, a small agency won’t just have a whole collection of other clients to fall back on.  Both your success and the agency’s success depend on each other, which provides extra motivation for the agency to really go above and beyond with the work they’re doing for your brand.  Here at BYK, when you work with us, we’re as committed to your business’ success as you are.  We are passionate about each and every one of our clients and helping each of them reach, and even exceed, their marketing goals.

4. Knowledge of small businesses 

The struggles a small business faces are unique, and not always understood by those who haven’t experienced them.  A small marketing agency is a small business working for your small business.  They understand the unique challenges, benefits, pitfalls, and pain points small businesses can face.  They approach any problem or goal with an insider’s perspective and deep understanding of the functioning of small businesses.  We at BYK work with small businesses in markets across the United States.  We have grown our own brand from the ground up, so no matter what stage of business development you are in, we’ve probably been there and can definitely help.

5. No mass-produced content 

Large marketing agencies have a ton of clients and a ton of work to get done.  Too often, they streamline the process by using cookie cutter templates for marketing campaigns, and just tweaking them slightly for each new client they acquire.  You don’t want your brand’s presence to look exactly like a bunch of other brands’ presence.  With a small digital marketing agency, you won’t get mass-produced work that is just altered slightly to fit your brand.  You’ll get truly custom and personalized content that looks completely unique and fitting for your brand. BYK makes all of our clients’ content from scratch, instead of starting from a standard template and trying to adjust from there. Each brand we work for has a completely original and personal look.

6. Less hierarchy, more cohesiveness 

Finally, the logistics of working with a small marketing agency can also be so much easier to deal with.  There isn’t an entirely separate team working on each aspect of your marketing plan, which can be a headache to deal with and lead to miscommunication.  You want every part of your strategy to be cohesive and fit together seamlessly.  With the smaller team and less formal structure at small agencies, you won’t have to worry about these disjointed efforts.  Everything is run through one cohesive line of communication and strategy.  Here at BYK, our graphic designer, account manager, and social media expert work closely together to optimize campaigns for all clients.

So for the reasons above, think twice before defaulting to looking only at large marketing agencies for your business.  Smaller agencies may lack the name recognition and prestige, but they more than make up for it in the personalized attention and high-quality content they produce.  If you want to see results and avoid the hassle and headaches of working within a large hierarchical structure, give a smaller marketing agency a try.  We’re sure you won’t regret it. 

For a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in small-business solutions and is passionate about your brand’s success, look no further than BYK Marketing.  Learn more about our Unlimited Marketing services or contact us today for a free consultation. 

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