10 Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Store

Ready to take your Ecommerce store to the next level but unsure how? Good news! You’re probably overthinking it. Think back to the last time you placed an online order. What made the experience a pleasant or not so pleasant one? Maybe the cell phone quality photos made you turn away from a product or maybe the AfterPay feature made you add that one other accessory to your cart. Pretty simple, right? Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to Ecommerce conversion. Here’s a few tips to make your store stand out from the rest. 

1. High-Quality Photos

Ecommerce stores often see low conversion rates when items for sale are not displayed effectively. Invest in a DSLR camera to ensure high-quality photos of your products. Be sure to capture it from every angle as well. No one wants to buy a shirt when they don’t know what the back of it looks like! 

2. Product Descriptions

Give them the details! Be sure to include dimensions, fabrics, or any other key factors about the product. The more accurate the description, the more likely a customer will purchase.

3. Optimize for Mobile

81% of Americans own a smartphone. Be sure to make sure your site is optimized for a smaller screen size. It may even be time to launch an app for your store!

4. Customer Support

Utilize the Live Chat option on your store. Live Chat allows real time assistance to your customers, making their shopping experience confusion free. Intercom is a great option, as it allows you to see what page the customer is on and can send personalized welcome messages. There are several Live Chat plugins out there. Find the one that best suits your business model. 

5. Checkout

Keep it simple. Add a “continue as guest” option so the customer doesn’t feel forced to sign up. Be sure to have payment options such as PayPal and AfterPay to ensure a quick and secure way to checkout. 

6. Newsletter Signup 

Give your customers the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter. Better yet, make a coupon available with sign up to make the customer more likely to join. It’s a win-win situation! 

7. Navigational Elements

Make your landing page easy and accessible. Create categories and subcategories for products. For even better conversion rates, include unique categories such as “Best Sellers” or “Under $25” to catch the customer’s eye. 

8. Social Media Presence

Don’t stop at having a website. Create relationships with your customers on social media platforms. An instagram story showcasing new arrivals is a great way to bring traffic to your store. (Tip: Create a loyal customer base by creating a private Facebook group that gives members early access or special discounts. This also allows the opportunity to begin an affiliate program.) 

9. Reviews

A 5 star review goes a long way when it comes to conversion! Give your customers the opportunity to leave their thoughts on your products. Build on that relationship by replying to them or sharing their review on social media! 

10. Security

Give your customers peace of mind by making sure your site is SSL certified. No one has time for stolen credit card information! VeriSign and Trust Guard are two great options.

We hope these tips help bring your Ecommerce store to the next level! Have a store of your own? We want to see it! Leave a link to your store in the comments sections. 

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