Top 7 Influencers You Should Follow in STL

We are lucky to have a really lovely group of influencers in Saint Louis, MO. If you are not familiar with these 7 influencers, then you are missing out on some awesome content! ‘

1. STL From Above: Photography 

Justin Barr is a great influencer, award-winning photographer, and videographer in STL. His photography captures cityscapes using aerial photography from the Gateway Arch to Busch Stadium. His portfolio on his website invites people to enjoy the beautiful nature of his work using video graphics that touch on STL architecture. 

His work captivates his audience – be sure to keep an eye on it.  His photography of STL is marvelous already, and there is more to come!

2. Economy of Style: Fashion

This awesome fashion page has been around since 2007.  Psyche Southwell – Economy of Style’s creator and editor – is a social science researcher and software engineer. You could say she is an empowered woman with a knack for fashion, which really shines through on her blog! She always strives to focus on women’s fashion that is both stylish and budget-friendly. 

This is a great source for the latest fashion trends and ideas for every season! In her posts, she includes her go-to choices and options of what to wear for many different occasions. 

3. And Hattie Makes Three: Family Blogger

Jen is a digital creator and STL family blogger that is inspired by body positivity, lifestyle, fashion, food, and more. Everything she creates is about having fun and living her best life!

Jen’s page really makes you feel good about yourself. She likes to empower others while manifesting positivity in a way that is relatable and accessible for others. She does a great job of making her content engaging and inviting!

4. Amy Lescher: Yoga Director and Fitness Coach for @trufusionstl

Amy Lescher is here to train you on the basics of fitness and health. Her YouTube channel covers a lot of topics concerning health and well-being! The purpose behind her content is to make you feel your best self – she always wants the best for her clients. If you aren’t feeling very motivated to exercise, look no further that Amy’s page: She’s ready to inspire others to walk in her footsteps!

5. Whitney in the City: Foodie

We would be remiss if we failed to include at least one of St. Louis’ amazing food influencers in this post! Whitney enjoys the food and culture of the world that surrounds her as she adventures through our fabulous city! She loves to appreciate everything edible and delicious, especially locally-owned spots here in STL. She loves to document her finds on social media, sharing the authentic and different foods STL has to offer.

For all your foodies, this is definitely the blog for you! She enjoys snapping pictures to share the magical joy of food and encourage others to try the tasty creations she comes across!

6. Best Restaurants in STL: Food and Restaurants

If you want to learn about the best restaurants in STL – well here’s the chance to find out! 

Rose Woodward is the founder of the Instagram page @bestrestaurantsinstl – she also has an art page to check out as well. Her account is focused on posting about the best food she encounters in STL based on the craft, presentation, and of course taste of the food!

Her page always consists of the most scrumptious foods and great recommendations if you’re looking for a new restaurant to try.  Go check out this page, you will not be disappointed! 

7. Jessica Roberts: Family and Lifestyle

If you’re looking for an awesome family blogger, Jessica is your lady!  Jessica loves to document her story of motherhood, including homeschooling her seven children. And she sure loves this city: One of her most recent posts was a partnership with ExploreSTL. Her content talks about places such as the City Museum, the Arch and more sites that are important to STL.   

She makes her blog fun, enjoyable, and entertaining for the audience to feel they should visit these destinations in STL! If you have a big family, and are looking for exciting summertime fun, check out her page! You’ll love what she shares! That’s a wrap! These are the 7 top local influencers you should consider following in and around St. Louis. All these influencers are upping the culture of STL – by sharing content that makes a creative statement. Some are more established while others are newer to the game, but all these influencers will definitely give you some unique ideas for things to try around the city! All these influencers bring something special to the plate and are worth a follow.  Be sure to check them all out! 

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