5 Ways to Refresh Your Social Media Accounts for 2023

With the vast quantity of users on social media today, it has become a vital asset of online marketing. An important aspect of this is keeping up with the rapidly shifting social landscape that modern platforms have become. Approaching the new year, here are five ways to refresh your social media accounts for 2023.

1. Optimize Your Assets

One of the main ways to refresh your social media accounts is optimizing your assets. This includes updating your profile picture, banner images, and bios. For profile pictures and banner images, ensure that you are using your most recent logo. Use tools like Canva to make sure they look high quality and professionally designed. Additionally, if it aligns with the identity of your brand, you can update these assets to fit the season or annual observance; just make sure that you also update them when the season is over. 

When updating your about section or bio, consider whether there are new services or goods that your business is offering, or any other relevant updates that new followers may want to know at a glance. Alternatively, has your business had any awards or achievements that you can add? Finally, make sure to add keywords that are relevant to your business so that it’s easier to find your page. Any of these would be good to add to your bio.

2. Add a Call-To-Action

If you don’t have one already, it can be beneficial to add a call-to-action button on the homepage of your social media. Depending on what your company offers, this can be a few different things, including call now, shop now, sign up today, or order now. This can encourage viewers of the page to immediately check out your service. The easier it is for consumers to access your service, the better.

3. Conduct Following Audits

As you refresh your social media pages, it is important to make sure that the pages you are following are still relevant to your business. Unfollow pages that you believe no longer pertain to your brand, are inactive, or are spam accounts. You can do this by clicking on your Following count and unfollowing whoever you choose to. 

This can be beneficial as it will unclutter your feed when looking for relevant content to your brand. Since social media is highly based on finding product niches, communities, and trends, it is important that your feed is attuned to these so that your own content can keep up with the space.

4. Create or Edit Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights are a great way to add information, character, and social proof to your social media. Highlights are essentially collections and folders of stories that are displayed on your Instagram page. Unlike normal stories, these ones can last indefinitely instead of disappearing after the standard 24 hours. 

As there are different folders, this is a space for you to include whatever information that you believe is relevant for new followers to know. What distribution platforms do you use? What new products are you offering? Do you have new locations or services? This is all info that you can disclose in the highlights.

Besides being informational, though, highlights can offer a sense of humanity or other social proof for your brand. If people post reviews on their stories, you can repost these into your highlights. Additonally, you can consider posting behind the scenes content, like employees interacting or packaging goods.

5. Join Groups and Engage

Last but not least, it is important to engage with the communities around you. On Facebook, you can find groups to join that you believe your brand could fit into. This can include finding groups you believe are similar to the identity of your company, your target market, or your products. 

After joining these groups, engaging with the audience can be a great way to refresh your social media presence. By retweeting reviews, commenting on followers’ posts, and responding to DM’s, your company may become more involved with its community. 

Make use of the five suggestions above and your brand’s social media will be fresh and ready for 2023! 

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