Case Study: Analysis of a Website

In past blogs, we’ve covered some of the important features your brand’s website should have, particularly for restaurants and brands in the hospitality industry. Today though, we’re really illustrating this point. 

Let’s take a closer look at a website we designed to point out the key features that help a website succeed.

About the brand: This website is for PokeDoke, a poke and Hawaiian BBQ restaurant in St. Louis, MO. They were the first poke restaurant in the area and have since expanded their offerings to include other Hawaiian delicacies like Butter Garlic Shrimp and Kalbi Shortribs. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the features we were sure to include on their website.

Clear and Consistent Branding

When scrolling through the various pages on PokeDoke’s site, you will see consistency in the branding.  This includes use of the brand colors, a consistent design, and the logo included in various places across the site.  

A company’s branding is how they are most recognizable to consumers.  Keeping it consistent is important for a website to flow, make sense to users, and accurately portray the brand.

Easily Accessible Navigation Menu

You will notice the buttons prominently located across the top of PokeDoke’s home screen.  These buttons offer easy access to various pages of their website.  Very rarely does a potential customer visit a website and only want to access the homepage.  They are often looking for other information, like a menu or contact details. 

Every website with multiple pages should include an easily accessible navigation menu of some sort, so users can seamlessly move from one page to the next.

Internal Links

Just like a navigation menu, internal links improve the user experience on your website.  They help visitors move across different pages of your website and gather the information they are looking for.  Internal links can also play a role in improving a brand’s SEO and rankings. 

On PokeDoke’s website, internal links are included in the blog posts on the News&Info page. There are also buttons and menus on the various webpages that serve as internal links as well.

Clear CTA for Conversions

Your website can serve many purposes for consumers: They can use it to learn about your business, explore your offerings, or see recent changes or updates you’ve made.  But most importantly for most businesses, websites are meant to drive conversions of some sort.  

Your site should have a clear call-to-action (CTA) that leads to whatever conversions you are looking for, whether that is online product orders, calls to your shop, or lead form submissions. 

In the case of PokeDoke, we want people to order their food.  You can see that the bright yellow Order Now button on their homepage grab’s users’ attention and thus encourages more conversions. 

Relevant Store Info

Some people are coming to your site to place an order, but others haven’t reached that stage of the consumer journey yet.  They may simply be seeking information about your business as they’re making their purchasing decisions.  

While you do want your site to effectively drive conversions, you should also cater to those who aren’t quite ready to purchase yet.  Think about the pieces of information users are most likely to seek on your site, and make sure they are easy to find. 

For PokeDoke, people probably want to know some or all of the following information: What kind of food they serve, where they are located, what their hours are, and how to contact them.  You can see that all of this information is displayed prominently on their website’s homepage. A full menu is also easily to reach with just one click.

Attention Grabbing Visuals

And finally, we’ve talked a lot about the content and organization of a website.  But to really be effective, the site needs to look good too!  

A key piece of this is including eye-catching graphics and visuals wherever possible.  You want to rope people in with the images they’re seeing, and then share more information with them through text. 

You can see that mouth-watering food photos are a major part of PokeDoke’s website. Not only do they do a great job displaying the types of offerings the restaurant serves, but also just make the website look good.  Pictures and videos make browsing your website a more pleasant experience for everyone.

We hope this deep dive into one of our clients’ websites has shown you some of the key features a brand’s website should have. 

As a marketing Swiss army knife, we can help your brand with any website or other digital marketing needs you may have.  If you liked what you saw, reach out today for a free audit of your digital presence and to learn what BYK Digital can do for you.

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