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If you’ve been tuned in to social media recently – mostly Instagram and Twitter – then you’ve most certainly noticed some big changes taking place at one of the nation’s most…err…international (?) staple restaurants. That’s right, the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) has pivoted away from their roots and embraced a meatier brand identity as the International House of Burgers (IHOB). And IHOB was anything but discreet about rolling out their seismic shift in branding, teasing and plastering their social media accounts with newly designed graphics and fully owning their new direction. This bold and forthright step into the highly competitive realm of burgers triggered significant amount of collateral chatter from the other major players in this market sector:

Leverage Your Network with LinkedIn Ads

The internet is riddled with blogs posts and articles detailing best practices and trendy happenings in the realm of social media marketing. Countless numbers of words are expended to help guide you in creating ad content that will grow your brand following on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It: Pinterest Ads Future

Have you ever been surfing Pinterest and saw a crazy thing you just had to have? We’re sure it’s happened more than once and if it were only a click away it that cat drawing with a monocle would be sitting above your couch right now. Good news for all of you instant gratification shoppers, Pinterest ads getting an update and their CEO thinks they’ll make quite a splash.

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