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Marketing Tips for Quick-Service Restaurants

Restaurant marketing is a beast all of its own. Many of the characteristics that set restaurants apart from other businesses (their hours, business model, level of staffing, etc) also mean their digital marketing needs are a little bit different.

Here at BYK Digital, we work with a large number of restaurants and food service clients. Many of the same marketing principles and methods are applicable for all restaurants. However, there are also some key differences between full-service and quick-service restaurants. Below, we’ve got 5 hot tips specifically for quick-service restaurants to help their digital marketing efforts really shine.

7 Best Ways to Reach Local Customers

For many small businesses, and restaurants in particular, it is essential to reach people nearby. Reaching local customers presents a unique challenge: our world has become so globalized, but you want to scale it back and reach people who are local.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools and methods available to help you reach the right people in your area. Below are 7 of the best ways you can target a local audience for your restaurant.

5 Things That Could Be Secretly Hurting Your SEO

You know the basics: Your SEO can be hurt by broken links, lack of keywords, slow website speeds, and the like. But what are some lesser-known culprits that can lower your SEO? Here are 5 sneaky things that could be hurting your SEO without you even knowing it.
If you’ve gotten to this point, fear not! Here are some ways you can refresh your brand and keep it up to date, without needing to completely rebrand or start from scratch.

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