Direct Mail For Restaurants: 7 Ways To Bring In More Revenue

BYK Digital Rebranding - Elevating Your Brand Identity

Direct mail may sound like a marketing tactic of the past, but it can still be an effective restaurant marketing tool today. From high response rates to more trust from consumers, there are plenty of benefits of direct mail campaigns when they’re done right.  Here are 7 direct mail marketing tips to help you drive […]

How To Make The Most of TikTok for Your Restaurant

BYK Digital Rebranding - Elevating Your Brand Identity

Is your restaurant using TikTok for marketing yet?  Maybe you’re intimidated by the format, think TikTok is only for teenagers, or just don’t know what to post.  But TikTok is a very effective restaurant marketing platform right now, with a variety of opportunities available from organic posts to influencer collaborations to advertising. No matter what’s […]

So You Want To Form Brand Partnerships

Forming partnerships for your brand can be a bit daunting when you’ve never done it before. But it’s really not so bad. Whether you’re looking to partner with fellow brands, social media influencers, or anyone else, you can start forming partnerships in just a few easy steps! We’re walking through how to get started, how you should approach partnerships, and how you can ensure success below.
Digital marketing is fast-paced, there’s no doubt about it, and with this pace comes some challenges. Below are some tips for keeping up with the changing digital landscape in a way that optimizes your digital marketing efforts.

AI For Restaurant Marketing

BYK Digital Rebranding - Elevating Your Brand Identity

As the number of artificial intelligence tools expands and AI continues to get more and more advanced, more and more businesses are making use of AI for marketing.  How can your restaurant capitalize on these new technologies and use them to your advantage?  Below are just a few of the ways you can use artificial […]

Holiday Season Marketing for Restaurants

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End the year strong with some creative and effective marketing this holiday season! Marketing for restaurants is essential all year long, but can make an especially big difference around the holidays. Here are a few ways you can make the most of the season and really shine with your restaurant’s holiday marketing.  Gift Card Special  […]

Saigon Cafe

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Seoul Garden

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