Digital Marketing in a Changing Digital Landscape

Digital Marketing in a Changing Digital Landscape

The world is changing quickly, especially when it comes to the digital landscape.  This fast pace can leave digital marketers with many questions as they’re trying to stay ahead of the curve:  How can I keep up?  How can I discern between what will be a passing trend and what is likely to stick around?  How often do I need to change my strategy?  How can I plan ahead with everything changing so quickly?  

Digital marketing is fast-paced, there’s no doubt about it, and with this pace comes some challenges. Below are some tips for keeping up with the changing digital landscape in a way that optimizes your digital marketing efforts.

Evaluate Trends Critically 

There’s no denying that it can be very helpful for your brand to jump on the latest digital trends, whether it be a meme that has gone viral, a new method for selling your inventory online, or an entirely new social media network that has emerged.  This can be a great way to stay relevant and connect with a younger audience. 

However, your brand does not need to take part in every single trend.  Use the information you know about your company, what your goals are, what your budget is, and who you are trying to reach to critically decide whether the investment in a given trend is worthwhile.  It can take up valuable time and resources to invest in a new trend. If it does not align with your brand and will not ultimately help you achieve your business goals, then don’t feel the need to take part. 

Be Flexible 

Due to the quick pace and changing nature of digital marketing, it is essential that you always remain flexible and adaptable.  Try not to make plans too far in advance, as it is likely the market and the technology available to you will have changed in the meantime.  When it comes to social media in particular, you probably want to avoid planning specific content more than a month or two in advance, otherwise there is a real risk it will be outdated by the time you share it.  

Certain digital efforts and campaigns take more time to plan-that is completely understandable.  However, for any of your digital marketing efforts that you can, be willing to make changes on the fly and adapt your plan to the current state of the digital landscape. 

Stay Informed About the Industry 

A relatively easy way to make sure your marketing efforts are always up-to-date is by being proactive in learning industry information.  Use as many avenues as you can to stay informed about the industry of digital marketing, and always be the first to know about recent changes and new trends.  

There are many different ways you can work to stay informed.  Subscribe to industry magazines, periodicals, and journals to read about recent news.  Network and attend industry events to learn from colleagues and experts in the field.  Even taking just a few minutes out of each day to read relevant articles online can make a world of difference!

Be Creative 

The most successful digital marketing campaigns across the globe vary greatly, but almost every good campaign has one thing in common: creativity.  The digital world is the perfect place to push the envelope a bit and think outside the box.  There is much more room for creativity and trying new things than in more traditional marketing channels.  Don’t feel the need to stick to the status quo when it comes to your digital marketing efforts: push the boundaries of what is expected and you will often be rewarded.  Plus, with digital campaigns you can always test new ideas with a small budget or limited audience before committing to a larger-scale campaign, which makes it the perfect place to test-run creative concepts.

Make Sure to Have an Effective High-Level Strategy in Place 

Due to the ever-changing nature of digital marketing, for your overall strategy to be effective, it needs to be somewhat flexible and adaptable.  Your company can of course set some high-level, long-term goals that are non-negotiable.  However, try to keep the means by which you are planning to achieve these goals flexible.  For instance, when setting a budget, try setting a total social media cap, but changing up which channels are getting the most funding based on changing trends.  

Allowing for some flexibility in your strategy will help you in the long run.  When the industry inevitably changes, you will not have to completely revamp and start from scratch if your strategy is set up to be flexible and allow for some change.  Instead, you can just make tweaks while being able to keep your overall strategy basically the same.

The 5 tips above will help you stay current in your digital marketing efforts, while also making sure to stay focused on your business goals, and keeping your plans realistic.  By leaving room for a bit of flexibility, and constantly seeking out industry information to stay on the forefront of trends, you will be set up for success!

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