Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube Promotion

Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube Promotion

These days, YouTube is full of ads and branded content.  Everything from hauls to product reviews to product placements fill videos in practically every genre and niche on the site.  Brands can benefit immensely from YouTube influencer promotions, but only if they are being handled correctly.  If you are new to the field of YouTube marketing, here are a few Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind to help optimize your content and returns. 

DO: Choose channels that resonate with your target audience 

When choosing what kinds of potential partners to reach out to about working with your brand, be sure you are keeping in mind your brand’s target audience.  Try to find channels that have an audience that aligns closely with your customer base.  It is important that you are reaching a relevant audience with your promotions.

DON’T: Choose channels based purely on size 

It can be easy to be drawn in by huge numbers of subscribers and video views.  These numbers are important, but they are not the only thing that matters.  It is better to reach 5,000 viewers who are all interested in your offering than 50,000 viewers who would almost never consider purchasing from you.  Just because a channel is popular does not necessarily mean it is the right fit for your brand. 

DO: Provide structure for your partners 

When you make a deal with someone to promote your product or service on their channel, be sure to provide them with plenty of information about your expectations.  Describe how you would like the offering presented in their content, and offer examples of other successful campaigns for inspiration.  Sending a framework and the most important talking points is always a good idea. 

DON’T: Write a script for your partners to follow 

Provide structure, but do not take it too far.  Partners often like to infuse their own voice and style into their ads, and that is completely acceptable!  In fact, their viewers will usually respond better if they feel that the influencer is being authentic and speaking from their own point of view.  Presenting a script you would like followed word for word can come across as inauthentic to viewers, and can feel insulting to your partners.   

DO: Allow for creative freedom 

You have ideas for your campaigns, but chances are so do your partners.  Be open to hearing ideas and flexible to the ways they feel most comfortable working your product into their content.  In the end, creative freedom will allow influencers to present your product in the best possible light, because it will flow within their channel and not stick out like a sore thumb.  

DON’T: Be intimidated by large or “popular” partners 

With the above being said, you do not have to allow COMPLETE freedom.  Some partners who have wide popularity and are well-versed in brand deals may try to push you in a direction your brand is not comfortable with.  Do not let their confidence or experience intimidate you.  Be aware of the most important aspects of the deals you have made, and be firm in sticking with them.

DO: Ensure your partners are educating their viewers

Nothing feels less authentic than a product being mentioned in a video, but not being shown in use and not being described in any sort of detail.  You want your partners to really show and explain your offerings to their viewers.  Be sure everyone watching the video could come away with at least a basic knowledge of the product or service that was being promoted.  

DON’T: Have unrealistic expectations 

Your partners do not work for your company, and do not have limitless knowledge of your offerings.  If they are saying anything untrue, of course correct them and ask for edits.  However, do not expect them to know every single detail and talking point about your offerings. Make sure key points are hit, but do not expect them to spend hours extensively researching all the ins and outs of your brand or your products. 

If and when your brand decides to dive into the world of YouTube promotions, keep all of the above in mind.  Be sure to balance structure and freedom, select the optimal channels for your brand, and manage expectations.  With these keys to success in mind, you are well-equipped to try your hand at YouTube marketing

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