How to Maximize Success With Email Marketing Automation

How to Maximize Success With Email Marketing Automation

Want to engage with your audience and introduce new ideas to potential customers? Try an email marketing automation campaign, also known as an email drip campaign or an email nurture journey. These campaigns are your best bet to maximize marketing effectiveness at a much lower cost than paid advertisements. According to MarTech, automated email campaigns generate three times the click-through rate of other marketing emails!

Interested? Let’s get started.

What is email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation is a series of pre-written emails designed to be strategically sent based on specific data collected about the recipient. They don’t require pressing a send button and are sent automatically when a new recipient that fits the criteria is added to a campaign. Depending on the recipient’s actions, additional emails will automatically follow up, with the intention of nurturing, upselling or retaining the recipient throughout the campaign.

Cater to your audience

An email campaign, automated or not, is only successful if it reaches the right people. Don’t just send your campaign blindly out to your entire contact list – this runs the risk of annoying recipients if it’s not relevant to them. 

What kind of data can you collect from your audience? Divide your audience into groups with specific shared qualities, like their interests, demographics, engagement, etc. Personalize your emails to these groups as much as possible. The more specific your grouping, the more personal your emails can get, meaning more engagement.

Types of campaigns

There are many different types of email marketing automation campaigns – these are just a few options, but remember the sky’s the limit! This is a diverse medium that can be used for an infinite number of purposes. 


Keeps customers engaged throughout the sales process.


Provides relevant information about products in preparation for a purchase.


Wins back the interest of customers you haven’t engaged with in a while.


Targets competitors and convinces customers to switch to your product instead. 


Informs customers of special deals and promotions, etc.

Call to action

So, once your recipient gets to the end of your email, what do you want them to do? Whatever it is, make sure it’s big, bold, and clickable. Try placing multiple calls to action in an email to see which one yields the most clicks. Again, personalize your call to action and make sure it’s relevant to whichever audience you’re targeting! 

Test, test, test

Always test your campaigns’ effectiveness to see which strategies are most successful. Test different subject lines, content, and calls to action within your groups – for example, is an anecdote generating more clicks? User testimonials? Short or long emails? Compile your results to find the combination that’ll best fit each group. However, don’t test multiple factors at once – that way, you won’t know which factor actually boosted your results.

Ready to start your new email marketing automation campaign? Go for it! With any luck, you’ll never have to actively press a send button to generate sales again.

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