Email Marketing Ideas for 2023

New year, new chance to connect with your customers! Email marketing looks to remain a very important part of digital marketing strategy in 2022. It’s a great way to build customer relationships and drive sales.  However, you don’t want your content to get stale.  Spice up your email marketing efforts with these hot tips for the new year.

Focus on holidays, trends, and current events

As a business, you only offer so many different products and services.  Using emails to highlight your offerings is fantastic, but can feel repetitive after a while.  One way to keep things fresh is by catering your emails to the season, upcoming holidays, or current trends in the world.  If you own a pizzeria, why not come up with a creative e-blast to send leading up to National Pepperoni Pizza Day on September 20? If your business sells candy, craft a fun Valentine’s Day email to catch your audience’s eye.  Take a look at the calendar and popular trends in the world around you to craft timely, engaging emails for each season. 

Add movement 

Across channels, video tends to capture people’s attention and outperform static images.  Email is no exception to this rule. Movement is eye-catching, and keeps people focused longer than an image would.  At least once per email, try to convert a still graphic into a GIF or video with a little bit of eye-catching movement.  Even if it portrays the exact same information using the exact same designs and colors, the movement will stir up more excitement in your readers and keep them engaged.

Switch up your discounts 

Offering discounts for new email subscribers and including exclusive discounts in marketing emails are both extremely common practices.  And for good reason: These discounts and offers tend to perform well and drive sales.  However, offering the same discount over and over can get boring, and you can start to see less people utilizing the offer each time.  To combat this, try to switch up the discounts and offers in your emails on a regular basis.  Whether it’s changing the deal from 15% off to $5 off, swapping which product you’re offering the discount on, or any other small change, these tweaks can make a huge difference in the success of your email discount offers.

Offer exclusive access and benefits 

There is so much more you can offer your email subscribers than just discounted products.  Other benefits and exclusives can help grow your email list, and keep your current subscribers engaged in your emails. For instance, anytime you are releasing a new product or service, try giving your email subscribers exclusive access for a week or so before the offering goes live to the general public.  Or, create an exclusive t-shirt, hat, or other merchandise item that is only available to purchase through your email list.  These sorts of special access offer a feeling of exclusivity that can spur people to make more purchases. 

Give puns and wordplay a try 

The information you include in your emails is important, but that’s not all there is to it.  You can also keep subscribers interested with the style of your writing.  Entertain your readers with puns and wordplay.  This keeps things light and fun, and can keep subscribers more interested than just boring, standard text. Wordplay can really make your email subscribers smile, capture their attention, and make them look forward to opening your emails each week for a good laugh if nothing else. 

Always end with a CTA 

If you are not ending your emails with a call to action, you are missing out on a prime opportunity to make sales, bring in reviews, or drive visitors to your website.  Choose an action you want your subscribers to perform after reading your email, and call that action to their attention.  Consumers prefer things to be as simple as possible.  They don’t want to have to go searching for your website to browse your menu after seeing the delicious-looking food photos in your email.  They want to be taken directly to your menu with the simple click of a button.  Increase your conversions and make things easy for your subscribers with clear calls to action, buttons, and links.

Test your email frequency 

Finally, in addition to what’s included in your email, you’ll also want to optimize how often you’re sending emails.  If you don’t send enough emails, you could be missing out on marketing opportunities.  But if you send too many emails, you risk annoying your subscribers and having them unsubscribe from your list.  Generally, 1-2 emails per week is the sweet spot for a business, but that number can vary based on your specific brand and your customers. Test out a few different frequencies to figure out how often is optimal for your brand, and then stick with it. With the 7 ideas above, you’ll be ready to take email marketing by storm here in 2022! 

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