Putting Together the Best Brand Photoshoot in Albuquerque

Putting Together the Best Brand Photoshoot in Albuquerque

A key piece of any marketing strategy is the content creation.  Photos and videos are so important to any company’s marketing goals, their digital marketing efforts in particular.  There are a number of different pieces to the puzzle when it comes to capturing great content for your brand.  From what kind of pictures and videos to take, to where to take them.  

We’ve got great advice in today’s blog for small business owners in Albuquerque, one of our newest markets.  If you’re trying to market your small business in New Mexico, consider these tips, tricks, and gorgeous locations the next time you need beautiful content for your brand!

Factors to Consider For Your Photo Shoot 

As with any other marketing effort, you’ll want your photoshoot to be guided and shaped based on the primary goals, mission, and values of your brand.  Before choosing a time, location, and photographer, think about what this photoshoot is meant to accomplish and which of your brand’s goals it is supposed to help you achieve.  

Once you have crafted that overarching, big-picture goal for the photoshoot, use it to guide your decisions on some of the more concrete factors.  Some key factors to consider when planning and scheduling a photoshoot: 

  • Design of the background and backdrops.  Will you have multiple different backdrops?  What colors would you like them to be? Do you want natural background or will you be creating something specifically for the shoot? 
  • Lighting.  Ensure the lighting in your location is sufficient, or that you have the tools and equipment to supplement it.  Do you want the lighting to have any special kind of effect?  Would you like it to be bright or darker? Natural or artificial?
  • Your target audience.  Make sure your content not only aligns with your brand and your goals, but also with the types of content your audience would like to see.  Does it pertain to their interests?  Does it align with the types of content they are consuming most often on social media? Basically, would they enjoy this content whether it was associated with your brand or not?

What Types of Content to Capture 

No brand’s content creation budget is infinite.  Thus, when it comes time for a photoshoot, you want to make the most of your time and resources by capturing the widest variety of content that you can all at once. Many of the details will depend on your specific brand and offerings, but there are some general guidelines that can help any small business come up with the best shot list possible.  

First and foremost, you will want to use the factors discussed above to guide your creative decisions.  Decisions like lighting and backdrops will affect the types of photos you want to focus on.  Make sure the photos you want and your creative decisions are all in alignment.  For example, if your target audience is nature enthusiasts, and your photoshoot is meant to show off your offerings with the natural beauty of sunset from a mountaintop, you probably won’t be capturing too many close-up shots of the products themselves.  Make sure all your decisions together work for your brand.  

With that in mind, here are a few key types and categories of content that almost any brand will find extremely useful to their marketing efforts:  

  • Individual product photos. They may not always be the most exciting or creative, but images of each of your product offerings can come in handy time and time again. Don’t neglect this staple for the sake of capturing more interesting and unique photos.  
  • Lifestyle photos and videos.  If possible, you’ll want at least one model or willing volunteer to capture content of your offerings actually being used.  These serve to breathe life into the product and make it more tangible to viewers and potential customers. 
  • Photos with a combination of your products. Any of your offerings that are complementary, can be used together, or go hand-in-hand in some way should be captured together as well. This can give viewers a more well-rounded and complete picture of how your products could benefit them.
  • Variety!  No matter what types of images or content you’re focusing on most, make sure you capture as much variety as possible.  This means you should capture as many different products as possible, the same product(s) from many different angles, the same product(s) in a bunch of different setups, a combination of still images and videos, and more.  The more wide and varied your content is, the larger portion of your digital marketing efforts it can be used for.

Albuquerque Locations for Photo Shoots 

Small business owners in Albuquerque are lucky, because there is no shortage of picturesque locations for brand photo shoots.  Below are just a few of our favorite spots around town that could provide great content for your brand’s next photoshoot.

ABQ BioPark (@300leonidas)

Poco Apoco in Old Town Albuquerque (@stumbling_on_sunshine)

Old Town Gazebo (@yelpalbuquerque)

Greetings from Burque mural (@greetingstour)

Sandia Crest Peak (@activeinalbuquerque)

The tips, tricks, and locations above will help with your next photoshoot for small business marketing in New Mexico.  Even armed with this info though, content creation and other digital marketing tasks can feel daunting for a small business owner.  If you’re still a little uncertain about your digital marketing efforts, reach out to us today.  We offer full service marketing in Albuquerque and beyond.  We are a small business working for other small businesses, and are experts in the field of digital marketing.  Contact us now for a free consultation!

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