Events We’d Love to See Turned Virtual

Events We’d Love to See Turned Virtual

Since the world was forever changed way back in March by the global pandemic, many places have found ways to turn events and experiences virtual.  Everything from concert live streams to virtual museum walk-throughs to remote team building activities have helped keep people entertained.  

But virtual doesn’t have to mean stationary, looking at a computer screen and pretending to be somewhere you’re not.  Those types of events have all been great, but with so many major world events being cancelled or postponed, we’re thinking even bigger.  Here are the top 5 huge events we’d love to see virtual versions of, and what they could potentially look like. 

1. Virtual Music Festivals 

Millennials everywhere mourned the cancellation of this year’s Coachella festival.  While you may not be able to travel out to the desert this year for your festival fix, how about a virtual Coachella (a Couchella perhaps?) 

Concerts from today’s biggest artists could be livestreamed for a fee, but that wouldn’t be all.  Imagine a festival experience in a local park or even your own backyard.  You could grab your favorite drinks, dress up like you’re heading out to Indio, sit back, and enjoy the show!  The festival organizers could sell supply packs to help you make your own festival as realistic as possible – everything from fanny packs to snacks to merchandise from the performing artists to an artsy tapestry to lounge on.  The experience could be rounded out with virtual initiatives like outfit contests and share-your-experience hashtags.  

There could even be a VIP package, with premium supply boxes, signed merchandise, exclusive “backstage” interviews with artists, and more!  

2. Virtual Sports Championships

With major sporting events going on around the world without fans in attendance, we need something to create the hype that would normally surround big ticket events like the World Series or Super Bowl.  

Since the TV viewership for these types of events is already much larger than the in-person attendance, it’s not so hard to imagine them going completely virtual.  However, there are ways to make it more exciting than just becoming a television-only event. The teams involved could host virtual watch parties, where fans could gather to discuss the game, share excitement, and feel the camaraderie that is so prevalent in sports fandoms.  They could run daily virtual Q&A sessions with their top players, that fans could submit questions to.  

The leagues, venues, and teams could also offer specialty, VIP experiences for superfans.  There could be behind the scenes footage of game day prep, interactive tours of the facilities, and opportunities to virtually “meet” players and coaches in small group video calls. Watching the games provides plenty of excitement all on its own, but these extra components could really make virtual championship games feel just as special as past years. 

3. Virtual Parades 

With the winter holidays approaching, there would normally be parades galore coming up!  From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, with each major holiday there seems to come at least one popular parade. 

Wouldn’t it be nice for these parades to still be able to happen, safely.  Well, instead of one huge parade, how about many small satellite parades? Neighborhoods could come together to organize short routes to ride through (remember all the car parades that were happening a few months ago?) People could build floats or practice performances in small teams, and then record or livestream the procession through their neighborhood.   With enough of these local parades coming together into one broadcast, the parades this year could actually be bigger and better than ever!  Commentators could still narrate the processions to make it feel even more real.  Plus, participation opportunities would be more widespread and easier to access, so people could get involved from their own homes more than ever before!

4. Virtual Amusement Parks 

Amusement parks are some of the most fun and carefree places to visit under normal circumstances.  If you’re unable to travel to one now for whatever reason, how about bringing the amusement park to you! These locations could easily sell “at-home amusement park packs.”  They could include your favorite snacks from the park along with exclusive online access to interactive park maps, virtual rides, behind-the-scenes tours with employees, and online versions of their most popular carnival games.

You could even make it more realistic by turning this into an outdoor experience. Turn your yard or local park into the amusement park.  Choose spots for the various activities, then walk from ride to ride and game to game, just like you would if you were really there!  

5. Virtual Trick-or-Treating 

Halloween is right around the corner, and it remains to be seen what the usual traditions will look like this year.  If you won’t be heading out for trick-or-treating, there can still be fun alternatives.  

Towns or neighborhoods could come together to provide an unforgettable, socially distant Halloween experience for the children.  Instead of having bags of candy at home to hand out, neighbors could pool candy ahead of time to make pre-packed bags of candy for local kids.  There could also be activity packets and supply kits for at-home Halloween fun.  The kits could provide kids with the chance to bob for apples, make witch’s brew, and more! There could even be instructions for Halloween-themed virtual games kids and teens could play with their friends on video calls. 

We’ve been so impressed with all the creative ways brands have discovered to connect with their audience and provide value to customers during these times.  The ideas above have all been inspired by the creativity we’ve seen all around.  It would be fun to see some of these concepts come about as we continue to navigate an ever-changing world. 

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