Quick and Easy Updates to Your Ecommerce Site

Quick and Easy Updates to Your Ecommerce Site

A well-designed and easy-to-navigate ecommerce site is an essential element of success for any business.  Other marketing is what drives customers to your site, but the site itself really seals the deal.  These quick fixes can help make your ecommerce site as effective and simple for your customers as possible.  

Add a “Featured Items” section at the top 

Grab your customers’ attention and keep it with a section of popular or featured items at the top of your site.  You want the first thing they see to capture their attention, not just be whichever category of your offerings happens to come first alphabetically.  If site visitors aren’t impressed with the first thing they see, they are more likely to leave without purchasing.  Thoughtfully curate a top section that reflects your most popular and enticing offerings.  

This is also a great area in which you can try to upsell.  Along with a few of your most popular dishes, place a combo meal or other high-ticket item in this featured section to encourage larger purchases.

Include plenty of navigation buttons 

Scrolling can be hard work.  Scrolling down a seemingly endless page of products is tedious, it’s frustrating, and it can feel like a waste of time.  To prevent this issue, make sure your ecommerce site includes plenty of navigation buttons and headings.  Group your offerings into categories, label each product category clearly, and offer a quick and easy way to jump to each category without the endless scrolling.  The more offerings you have, the more essential it is to strategically categorize them and make them easy to find.  

This will prove to be especially beneficial for the casual viewers who stumble upon your site, and aren’t yet completely committed to making a purchase.  If they are browsing and struggling to find what they are looking for, they will likely end up purchasing somewhere else.  But if you can make your site navigation simple and clear, they will be able to find what they’re looking for and hopefully make the purchase.

Add an exclusive deal that is only available for online ordering 

Spice up the online shopping experience with a little excitement!  Curate a combo deal or special discount that is exclusively available through your online store.  Bonus points if you make it available for a limited time only, and consistently switch up what the offer is.  

These types of deals will encourage sales now instead of later, and will incentivize people to purchase through your ecommerce site because of the exclusivity.  It certainly does not need to be a steep discount that cuts too much into your margins.  Just bundling a few of your popular items and slashing the price by a few dollars can be enough to get people excited to purchase.   

Update your product photos 

Whether you’re selling food, clothes, coffee mugs, or anything else, you need high-quality product photos!  For your ecommerce site, unlike social media posts, these photos do not need to be creative and unique.  A simple full-frame shot of the offering will work perfectly for your website.  Just make sure the shots are clear and high-resolution.  

Every single item on your website should have a photo to go along with it.  No matter how self-explanatory a product may seem, giving people a visual can spur more sales, and at the very least will make things easier for your customers.  If your platform allows, you may also want to explore the idea of uploading multiple photos for certain offerings.  This would be useful for products that have variations, like multiple color or pattern options, or that need to be viewed from multiple angles, like a double-sided shirt. 

Enhance product descriptions 

Finally, once your ecommerce site is set up in an optimal way and your photos are all updated, be sure to turn your attention to the product descriptions.  While these are not as eye-catching as the photos, they can be equally as important.  Once someone sees a picture that piques their interest, they will turn to the description to learn more.  Be sure each offering on your site has a clear and descriptive paragraph to accompany it.  Let your audience know what they are getting into with their purchase. 

Two key areas to cover in your descriptions are specifications and uses.  Include any relevant specifications about the product, such as its size, color options, flavors, ingredients, materials, or the like.  Also be sure to sell people on how the product could be useful in their life!  This is where you can add a little personality and flair to the description to keep viewers interested. 

While the fixes above may take you a bit of time and effort, as a whole they are relatively quick and easy adjustments to make.  Making sure the set-up, photos, and descriptions on your site are the best they can be will help you maximize your sales and make the most of your ecommerce site!

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