How Facebook is Pushing Back On The iOS 14.5 Update

How Facebook is Pushing Back On The iOS 14.5 Update

Last week, we published a post explaining the basics of the most recent iOS update from Apple, and the impact it was having on businesses’ ability to advertise digitally, particularly on apps like Facebook.  Today, we’re diving deeper into the ways Facebook has reacted to this update, changes they’ve made in response to it, and how this all contributes to the outlook of Facebook ads for businesses.

Facebook’s Response For Consumers 

Overall, Facebook has pursued two major courses of action in response to the iOS update: a campaign directed toward consumers, and changes for businesses in Ads Manager.  We’ll talk first about the customer campaign. 

Ever since learning about the privacy changes coming with Apple’s latest update, Facebook has been reaching out to users to convince them to allow their activity to be tracked.  Through ad campaigns and educational messages they’ve put out, Facebook has touted the benefits of allowing tracking and emphasized that user data is still safe.  

One of the biggest messages they have pushed is that allowing apps to track activity will provide users with a better ad experience in those apps. Users will have a more enjoyable content consumption experience if they are seeing ads and posts that feel relevant to them.  And the way for users to be shown the most relevant content, is by allowing the app to track their activity.  

These efforts from Facebook have worked to minimize the impact the iOS update has on advertising in their app, by hopefully convincing a higher percentage of users to allow their activity to be tracked.  

Facebook’s Response For Businesses 

While Facebook has created some very persuasive content aimed at users, they still know a number of users will choose not to share their data.  Thus, Facebook needed to make adjustments and updates to their advertising capabilities for businesses as well. 

Over the past several months, the social media app has compiled a list of action items for business owners to review and complete in Ads Manager.  These items were meant to prepare for Apple’s impending update, and help optimize ad delivery once the update occurred.  They have encouraged businesses to make use of new tools and use every method in their arsenal to track purchases and engagements, and thus still be able to target relevant audiences and track as many conversions as possible.  

Despite their efforts, there is still more change needed to help businesses return to their former success with Facebook ads.  With so many consumers saying “no” to their activity being tracked, understanding the real impact of Facebook ads has been challenging for companies.

Future of Facebook Ads 

The tension over iOS 14.5 privacy updates, particularly in regard to Facebook ads, will continue to be an evolving situation.  As time goes on and the full impact of Apple’s update is seen, Facebook will likely develop new tools and methods to help the performance and analysis of ads on their site. For now, advertising efforts for many companies on Facebook have suffered, but Facebook has already made some strides in addressing this issue, and working to adjust accordingly.  Even with this setback, Facebook ads aren’t going anywhere, and are still a major marketing focus for companies around the globe.

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