Location-Based Marketing for Small Businesses

Location-Based Marketing for Small Businesses

Making use of location-based marketing technologies can be beneficial to a wide range of businesses.  Small businesses, in particular, can really benefit from location-based marketing. We’re walking through some of the top ways location-based marketing can help small businesses below. 

Grow Local Brand Awareness 

If your business is new or just not too well-known, location-based marketing can be a great first step to establishing a strong presence in your local community.  As the name suggests, you are able to target those within a specific geographic area with location-based marketing.  With this technique, you can reach out to locals: those who live within or frequent the neighborhood you’re located in.  Help get your brand name out there and increase awareness by reaching out directly to those nearby. 

Grow Customer Base with Incentives 

You can take it a step beyond brand awareness and use location-based marketing to try to get some conversions as well.  Once people in your relevant target area are aware of you, you don’t want to stop advertising to them.  Instead, switch gears and offer a discount code or similar incentive to drive customers through your doors.  Location-based marketing can be a very effective way to increase foot traffic, since you can specifically target people within a few miles (or less) of your business location. 

Steal Business From Competitors 

Another fun way to make use of location-based marketing is to target your competitors’ brick-and-mortar locations.  If any national competitors have locations near you, set your boundary to be in and around their store.  That way, you can target customers you have reason to believe are interested in the product category you’re offering. If they’re shopping at a big-name competitor, chances are they would have interest in your offerings as well.  You can use your marketing campaigns to let them know you’re also nearby, offer them discounts as incentives, and try to convince them to shop local instead. 

Efficiently Use Budget 

Budget concerns may be one of the things holding you back from investing in location-based marketing.  But in fact, it can actually be a great way to make more efficient use of your advertising budget.  With a limited marketing budget, you want to ensure all of your ad dollars are being put to good use.  You don’t want to waste spending on people who are unlikely to ever become customers.  Location-based marketing can help with that!  It has more accurate location techniques than other advertising methods, so you can be confident the people you’re reaching are ACTUALLY in your area.  No more casting a broad net and hoping it reaches the right people.  You can hone in, both geographically and demographically, on your ideal target audience with location-based marketing, allowing for more efficient use of your advertising budget. 

Promote Events and Sales  

When you’re hosting an in-person event or promotion, you really need to capture the attention of your local audience.  There are many ways to promote events, but this is another area in which location-based marketing can help you target the right audience.  Knowing which people are in your area in real time will help you reach the most relevant audience when it actually comes time for your event, sale, or in-store promotion to occur.  You can send messages, push notifications, or targeted ads to people within your specified boundary ahead of time to spread awareness for your event, as well as sending last-minute or day-of reminders to drive attendance from more indecisive folks. 

Thus, in all of the ways described above, location-based marketing can work wonders for small businesses.  It’s a great form of advertising that, when done well, is worth the investment.  Learn more about our location-based marketing services and how we can help your small business on our website. 

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