Rebranding Successfully

Rebranding Successfully

There are many reasons to rebrand your business.  Maybe your target demographic has shifted, maybe your offerings have changed, or maybe you just need a facelift to keep up with the times.  Whatever the reason, attempting to rebrand is a massive undertaking, and one that needs to be approached carefully.  It can be challenging to maintain the positive aspects of your brand while reinventing yourself. With rebranding, you risk alienating loyal customers and losing recognizability.  Here are a few things you must keep in mind if you want to execute a successful rebrand.

Focus on what sets you apart. 

Once you have decided to rebrand, you need to start with a lot of industry research.  Look at competitors, evaluate yourself, and decide what makes you unique within the industry.  Your new brand should focus on aspects that separate you from your competitors.  You do not want to be too generic – this is your chance to show off what sets you apart from everyone else. 

Have an overall consistent strategy. 

To ease the transition from old to new, you need to have an overarching strategy for positioning that keeps things smooth.  This should include everything from your mission statement to your key values to a description of your brand’s voice.  Be sure your strategy is well-defined on all fronts, so that any changes that take place during the rebranding are in line with your strategic goals.   

Tell people why you’re rebranding. 

When you are ready to let the public know that you are rebranding, you will also want to explain your reasons for making the change.  This will be especially beneficial to your existing customers, who may be confused as to why you are rebranding and what this means for the company.  You can help ease any concerns they have by issuing an explanation, as well as clarifying your new positioning and why it matters to you.

Emphasize anything that’s staying the same. 

The final way you can increase your chances of success is by making clear the aspects of your brand that are staying the same.  People will be especially interested in how product offerings, operating hours, and pricing will be affected.  A rebrand is about reinventing yourself, but that does not mean you cannot embrace the aspects of your business that were already working and are not changing.    Any overlap between your new and old brand can actually make the change seem more natural and work to your advantage.

The tips above alone will not guarantee that your rebrand will go off without a hitch, but they will help enhance your chances of success. Having a clear strategy that includes what makes you unique, as well as announcing the rebrand in a way that focuses on both changes and things that are staying the same are a solid starting point.   

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