Website Design Trends That Are Taking Off This Year

Website Design Trends That Are Taking Off This Year

Website design trends are always evolving and it can be challenging to keep up and make your website stand out. Your website is a huge opportunity to make an impression on potential customers, and if they are not impressed, your business will suffer. Here are a few hot trends we’ve seen this year so far that can help you keep up with your competitors:

1. Contrasting Colors

Websites of 2022 are featuring bold and bright color combinations that have just the right amount of contrast to capture the user’s attention. Having a unique color combination not only makes your website stand out but also reflects well on your business. Bright colors are welcoming and keep your users engaged.

2. 3D Visuals

Three dimensional visuals have been a trend for a while and not surprisingly they are still trending in 2022. Users love 3D visuals: It makes images come to life and leaves a memorable impression.

3. Trending Fonts 

This one is a little bit simpler. The font you choose gives your website its personality, so you need to use fonts that are complementary to your page and align with your theme. As with other design aspects, fonts cycle in and out of style.  Fonts like Papyrus or Chalkboard are not in right now, and should probably be changed. On the other hand, Sans Serif, Open Sans, and Montserrat are just a few popular fonts that are currently trending on websites.

4. Engaging Interactives

This is essential for your website if you want to maintain traffic. By using graphics, animations, or anything similar to keep your users engaged, you can reduce your bounce rate. You want your website users to not be bored when they come across your page. Interactive experiences are all over websites this year.

5. Retro

This is a popular overall design trend because it brings out a sense of nostalgia. Using retro design elements is great when done right (But be careful: you don’t want it to look tacky). Websites this year are mixing modern and retro elements, which are appealing to the eye and unique.

6. Handmade Designs

Handmade art work is all the hype in 2022 website designs. People love authenticity and this is a great way to show that your website is authentic as can be. Handmade art work really makes websites stand out and makes sure they are truly one of a kind.

7. Chatbots

Finally, another trend that isn’t new but is maintaining its popularity is chatbots. These are trending because you are able to interact with customers at any hour of the day. Chatbots can be a very useful tool to make use of: They can improve your website visitors’ experience, which keeps your users coming back.

You’re sure to see all 7 of the trends above if you spend even a few minutes on the internet.  From fonts to visuals to overall design trends, these are just a few of the major website design trends making an appearance (or a comeback) in 2022.

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