Skills to Help You Succeed in Marketing

Skills to Help You Succeed in Marketing

There are so many different career paths under the marketing umbrella. No matter which specific division or position you end up in, there are a few skills that are universally helpful for anyone looking to work in marketing.  Brush up on the skills below to help you blow away the competition and perform your best. 

1. Communication 

As with many other jobs, you will not be successful if you are not able to effectively communicate.  Whether it is with your coworkers, with a client, or communicating a message to your audience, marketing is all about communication skills.  You should be comfortable interacting with people, well-versed on social etiquette, and able to express your ideas clearly and concisely. 

2. Organization 

The ability to keep yourself and your priorities organized will also play a large role in your success in the marketing field.  Most people in this field have multiple tasks and responsibilities to juggle at one time.  You need to be able to prioritize and keep your many overlapping tasks from getting away from you.  Basic practices like using a calendar, making lists, setting yourself reminders, and keeping files organized in well-labeled folders can help you enhance this skillset.

3. Creative Thinking 

All aspects of marketing incorporate some level of creativity.  This does not necessarily mean you need to be artistic or crafty.  Creativity can take the form of developing innovative ideas or thinking outside of the box.  Sticking to the status quo will not get you very far in marketing.  You should always be thinking about what comes next and pushing the envelope. Presenting something new and creative will almost always help you get ahead.

4. Analytical Thinking 

On the flip side, marketing is not ALL about creativity.  The role of big data and statistics within marketing has continued to grow in recent years.  Not only does there need to be creative ideas, but there then needs to be analysis of how effective those creative ideas were.  The ability to analyze data and quantify your marketing efforts is essential. 

5. Adaptability 

Last but far from least, the ability to adapt and be flexible is completely necessary to succeed in marketing.  Like any field, marketing is constantly changing and responding to events occurring in the world.  Often, ads or social media posts that seemed like a good idea a month ago, have become irrelevant or no longer appropriate for the state of the world.  Additionally, as much as you can try to predict what efforts will resonate with your audience, sometimes there will be surprises.  You need to be able to adapt your efforts at a moment’s notice to best fit what is working well for your business. 

If you are thinking of entering the world of marketing, or currently work in marketing and are looking for a leg up, honing the 5 skills above could be your ticket to success.  Being able to communicate, stay organized, think creatively and analytically, and adapt to change quickly will help you in any marketing position you may find yourself in. 

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