STL Foodies We Can’t Get Enough Of

STL Foodies We Can’t Get Enough Of

You know those IG accounts that have you drooling?  That always posting the most incredible food photos?  We’ve got a great food scene here in our hometown of St. Louis, and a great foodie influencer scene to go along with it.  If you want to see some drool-worthy photos, don’t miss these stellar foodie accounts:

1. Whitney in the City

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.  Whitney posts consistently about a whole variety of places in the St. Louis area for any meal of the day.  Not only are her photos incredibly appetizing, but she does a great job describing the

2. Mad Eats STL

On her Mad Eats STL page, Maddie shows off her love for local food in a super aesthetically-pleasing series of photos.  Some of the tastiest places all over the city are featured on her page, with a good number of sweets and desserts mixed in between meals as well.  If you need dinner or dessert inspo, look no further.   

3. Whiskey and Soba

With incredible photography skills and a unique style, Spencer at Whiskey & Soba makes sure his page really stands out.  He snaps great content of all kinds of eats and drinks.  From accessible pizza and sandwiches to higher-end dishes from some of the finest chefs in town, this page features an impressive range and has something for everyone.

4. Newlywed Chefs

Follow along with Whitney and Neil as they explore the STL food scene.  Their food photos are gorgeous, plus they run sporadic giveaways to offer up awesome food and experiences to their followers.  Another great feature of this account is the guides they put together for special events: recently, these have included things like Valentine’s Day specials, Fish Friday specials for Lent, and an Easter guide. 

5. Bradenstl

The BradENstl account takes its followers along on a fun food journey almost every day, while highlighting some great sights and locations around the area to explore as well.  He hits up all the local classics, plus some lesser-known hidden gem spots to share the culinary goodness.   

6. Madi loves local

Madi Loves Local is basically an STL fan account, with a very heavy focus on food and drinks.  From restaurants to wine bars to farmer’s market finds, Madi covers all corners of the city in search of the best and brightest food finds.  Any meal, any day, Madi likely has a delectable recommendation. 

With so many incredible restaurants, food trucks, breweries, and more around St. Louis, it’s no surprise that there are so many great food social media accounts as well.  These are just a few of our favorite local foodies, who do a great job focusing on supporting local restaurants and the STL scene.  If you’re ever in the area and looking for something to chow down on, you’re sure to find something delicious on these awesome accounts. 

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