Small Changes that Make a Big Difference for SEO

Small Changes that Make a Big Difference for SEO

One of the most valuable ways to drive traffic to your site is through good SEO.  One of the main ways to improve SEO is by creating new content that readers will find valuable; however, there are some ways to boost your SEO without having to put quite so much time and effort into all-new content creation.  Here are a few ways you can improve SEO without completely revamping and rewriting your content.

Decrease Page Load Times 

Patience is a virtue, but it’s one that many of us lack, especially when it comes to the internet.  People want instant gratification when they are online.  This includes how quickly pages load.  

Slow page loading times can actually hurt your SEO in two ways.  First, slow loading times can annoy people coming to your site, and deter them from clicking through your pages.  They are much more likely to abandon their search if they are frustrated with the time things are taking to load.  Not only will you lose out on those browsing sessions, but those customers are also less likely to return to your site in the future, because of the inconvenience they experienced.  

Additionally, if your website is extremely slow, search engines like Google can recognize that and can actually knock down your ranking due to the lackluster speed. Thus, it is important to optimize the speed at which your website loads, especially on the most-visited pages. 

Sneak Keywords Into Your Photo Captions

Keywords, aka the relevant words people are searching for on Google, are an important part of the SEO formula.  Sites with many keywords throughout will tend to rank higher than similar sites that lack the use of keywords.  

If your current content does not contain enough keywords, one easy fix is by writing captions for the photos on your site that contain these words.  Instead of needing to rewrite whole paragraphs or articles, you can then just write quick snippets underneath your photos for a simple SEO boost. 

Use plenty of external links 

Another huge aspect of the SEO formula is the authority or trust a given site has.  You can increase authority in a number of ways; one easy way is by adding links and sources anywhere you can on your site.  It’s nice to make a claim like “Voted Best in the City” or “Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews”, but it’s even nicer if you can back it up.  If you’re ever sharing a review from a customer, include a link to the original source of the review.  If your business receives any press or awards, share it on your site and be sure to include a link to the original article. Usually, the more external sources your site provides, the better for your SEO.  

Check your links consistently to avoid broken links 

Speaking of links, another quick and easy way to make sure your SEO is as high as possible is by checking your own links consistently.  If you have updated pages, redone aspects of your website, or changed any URLs, chances are you may have some broken links floating around on your website.  These broken links can be hurting your ranking without you even realizing it!  Task someone with consistently checking the navigation buttons and links on your site to make sure everything is functioning and up-to-date.

Clean and focused URLS 

Your URLs also play a part in optimizing your SEO.  Be sure to get rid of any extra junk at the end of them, and keep them concise and accurate.  A customer clicking one of your website links should know exactly what will be on that page just by looking at the URL.  Not only will cleaner URLs appeal to customers more, but Google and other search engines factor this in when deciding on their rankings as well. 

Do quick refreshers/updates of old content that was performing well but has trailed off 

Also be sure to take advantage of any content you have produced that has performed well!  Any pages or articles of yours that used to be clicked on a lot but have trailed off recently can be updated to help increase the traffic again.  Even a small piece of new information can refresh the content and make it worth sharing all over again to try to get a bit of an SEO boost.  If it performed well in the past, the content is obviously valuable to people, so find a way to refresh it and bring that value back.

By spending just a couple of hours during your week working on a few of the fixes above, your SEO could be seeing improvements in no time at all!

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